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Effective microlearning design requires careful thought and planning

Effective microlearning design requires careful thought and planning


Effective microlearning design requires careful thought and planning. Check the 7 characteristics of effective microlearning

7 Must-Have Characteristics of Microlearning Design [Infographic]

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Microlearning Design: The 9 Characteristics You Need to Follow

Significance of Microlearning: The 5 Dos and Don'ts – Infographic

3 Tips to Design Compliance Communication Plan [Infographic]

Flash to HTML5 Conversion Strategies

Meet the Modern Learner - Microlearning can help

How is Microlearning beneficial for organizations? Here's an infographic that shows 7 benefits that make

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How Microlearning Can Improve Your Training Program

Microlearning: Strategy, Examples, Applications, ...

Microlearning in Safety Training: Let Form Follow Function

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Don't Forget About It: How Spaced Repetition And Microlearning Boost Memory - eLearning

... Opening The Door to Explosive Growth In MicroLearning Micro-Learning Macro-Learning I need ...

E-learning implementation in organizations requires careful planning because it means a change from older training methods. However, if the implementation ...

Inspirational eLearning Quotes To Keep You Motivated

In the 1970s and 1980s, when I started my career, we learned in classrooms. The technology was slide projectors and “foils” (plastic laminated slides).

7 steps to getting started with microlearning

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Converting Flash to HTML5 takes some planning and smart work. Here's a ready reckoner that can come in handy when your convert Flash courses to HTML5.

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Concepts and Versions of Microlearning – Mindmap

The Art of Training: Virtual Training Success - Part 1

7 Tips To Create A Corporate eLearning Blog

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What's Your Perfect E-Learning Solution?

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Factors to be Considered Before Adopting a Microlearning STRATEGY

Publish Flash-based eLearning as videos to the MP4 format to make them mobile-

This microlearning example pulls together a collection of related topics to help the audience access help as and when they need it.

Introduction to Industrial Internet of Things

Diagramming Microlearning

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While micro-learning makes sense (the average employee only has 24 minutes a week to learn[6]), we needed to put it into context, so the new learning ...

From the Fosway 9- Grid for Digital Learning

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Table 1 A Typical Weekly Planning Chart for Course Development

Microlearning: What It Is Not and What It Should Be

5 Ways Microlearning Reshapes Flipped Classroom

Business Team Meeting Project Planning Concept

Micro-learning presents only as much content as required for learners to achieve a specific learning outcome. With today's workforce comprising of ...

Infographic: Moving from Classroom Training to E-learning

SAML is an open standard for exchanging authentication and authorization data between providers, in particular, between an Identity Provider (IDP) and a ...

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5c framework innovation

In a thoughtful presentation, Sarah Lewis kicked off the second day of the Learning Solutions conference. She used compelling stories of innovations to ...

What You Need To Know About Gamification in Business

How to Add Company Branding to Your E-Learning Courses

Advantages of and Effective Steps to Develop E-learning Curriculums[Infographic]

10 best practices to implement gamification

Only 18% of organizations say that their current leaders are “very effective .”


... to our Percipio intelligent learning experience platform. All are available in PDF and MP3 formats on any browser or mobile device. We plan to add a ...

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While the impact will be greater for some industries and some types of jobs than others, for businesses and workers alike the onward march of AI, ...

The Importance of Non-cognitive Data in a Student Success Strategy



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Model of cognitive model of multimedia learning.

Figure 1.

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Send in the Reinforcements: How The Mobile Revolution Can Overcome the Forgetting Curve


How to Create the Perfect Training: Aligning Training Goals with Business Objectives

Emotional intelligence, decision making, positive mindset, psychology and neurology, behavior science,

This scale helps determine which tasks actually merit the investment of formal learning. For the most part, job tasks that score a 1 through 4 can be safely ...

Learning at large podcast

Using Peer-Assisted Learning and Role-Playing to Teach Generic Skills to Dental Students: The Health Care Simulation Model | Journal of Dental Education

Bonus Focus - How to Prevent Succession Gaps in Life Sciences


... Design Thinking and a passionate case for making the success skills of the future to be entrepreneurship. Starting with her experiences, ...

MikesBikes Intro Report Guide - Industry Benchmark Report

Figure 1: National Federation of Independent Business

I believe that over the next few years much of this will come together, and ultimately we will see the “next-generation” LMS emerge.

Shaping your micro lesson is easier with a key takeaway to guide you.

Keys to Data-informed Decision Making: Data Readiness, Data Governance and Data Ethics

The latest voice search assistants