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Coastal Commission bans captive orca breeding at SeaWorld San Diego

Coastal Commission bans captive orca breeding at SeaWorld San Diego


SeaWorld banned from breeding captive orcas at its San Diego theme park

SeaWorld sues California over ban on breeding captive killer whales

What does SeaWorld's decision mean for its whales?

California Coastal Commission bans orca breeding at SeaWorld San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego drops lawsuit over breeding ban

California bans captive breeding of SeaWorld killer whales

California Coastal Commission Ban vs. SeaWorld San Diego: Would The Dispute Take A Legal Turn?

The California Coastal Commission banned captive whale breeding at SeaWorld San Diego and drastically restricted the movement of whales in and out of the ...

SeaWorld To Appeal Orca Breeding Ban In San Diego Park, Accuses California Coastal Commission Of 'Overstepping' Law

... of Animals (PETA) supporter Mike Casey, of Pasadena, peers over his sign as he joins protestors outside of the California Coastal Commission meeting, ...

Company says California agency overstepped when it banned the breeding of captive killer whales. SeaWorld opposes a California commission's ...

California Approves SeaWorld's Whale Habitat Expansion but Bans BreedingCalifornia Approves SeaWorld's Whale Habitat Expansion but Bans Breeding

California Bans Breeding Killer Whales and Holding Them in Captivity. In this handout photo provided by SeaWorld San Diego, mom and baby killer whale swim

SeaWorld Entertainment has filed a lawsuit against the California Coast Commission for banning them from breeding killer whales. The embattled theme park ...

VICTORY: SeaWorld Park Can't Breed Orcas Anymore

Much to the joy of animal right activists, it has been announced that SeaWorld has been banned from breeding captive orcas' at its San Diego ...

SeaWorld's attempt to recover: bigger tanks and water treadmills

SeaWorld is suing California after it voted to ban the theme park from breeding killer whales in captivity

SeaWorld San Diego Banned From Breeding Killer Whales

Coastal Commission Bans SeaWorld From Breeding Killer Whales

What the Coastal Commission's ban on orca breeding means for SeaWorld

SeaWorld banned from breeding captive orcas at its San Diego theme park

SeaWorld to sue Coastal Commission over orca breeding ban

3 Simple Things Kids Need to Thrive This Summer. SeaWorld

Coastal Commission bans captive orca breeding at SeaWorld San Diego - Los Angeles Times

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California Bans SeaWorld From Breeding or Transferring Killer Whales in Captivity

California Bans Captive Breeding of Killer Whales at SeaWorld

Curtains close on SeaWorld San Diego's killer whale theatrics

Photo credit Mike AguileraSeaWorld San Diego shamu-show. SeaWorld sued the California Coastal Commission ...

Photo caption: A baby killer whale swims with another whale at SeaWorld San Diego,

SeaWorld Fighting State Ban On Breeding Killer Whales At Theme Park – CBS San Francisco

California Commission Bans Captive Breeding at SeaWorld San Diego - One Green PlanetOne Green Planet

VICTORY: California Bans Breeding Captive Orcas!

SeaWorld faces an orca breeding ban in San Diego

SeaWorld San Diego to phase out killer whale shows

California Group Votes To Ban San Diego SeaWorld Orca Breeding – CBS San Francisco

SeaWorld Adventure Park trainer Ken Peters, left, looks to a killer whale during a

Orcas off the Aleutian Islands. Photo by Robert Pittman of NOAA

SeaWorld Agrees To End Captive Breeding Of Killer Whales


FILE - Visitors get a close-up view of an Orca killer whale during a

http://www.onegreenplanet.org/news/california-commission-bans-captive- breeding-at-seaworld-san-diego/

SeaWorld decides to stop killer whale breeding program | US news | The Guardian

Support the Ban on Captive Orca Breeding!

SeaWorld Begins Fight To Overturn Orca Breeding Ban

Sea World San Antonio, through the years Photo: ROBERT MCLEROY, San Antonio Express

Coastal Commission approves expansion of SeaWorld orca tanks


After years of pressure, SeaWorld made a surprise announcement: It no longer breeds killer whales in captivity and will soon stop making them leap from ...

... commission over orca breeding ban. Orca show at SeaWorld

California delivers blow to SeaWorld's captive whale program. California Coastal Commission allows expansion of killer whale tank but bans breeding.

The California Coastal Commission has granted SeaWorld planning permission to expand its Orca facility in San Diego on the basis that it cannot add any new ...

Seaworld is finally going to stop breeding orcas in all parks

... of Sea World's proposed expansion plans for an orca habitat called Blue World. The proposal is up for a vote at the California Coastal Commission ...

California Coastal Commission allows expansion of SeaWorld's killer whale tank but bans breeding.

An orca whale performs during the One Ocean show at SeaWorld San Diego on Oct. 9, 2015 in San Diego. Battered by controversy over its treatment of killer ...

According to the Guardian, the amendment also prohibits the sale, trade or transfer of captive orcas. The breeding ban, which includes breeding through ...

SeaWorld files law suit over ban on breeding killer whales

SeaWorld San Diego's Orca Shows Are Over For Good, But It's Not Done With Orcas Just Yet


SeaWorld will no longer be allowed to breed their captive orcas within the state of California. This decision comes down from a ruling by the California ...

SeaWorld to end killer whale shows in San Diego

In this Dec. 6, 2013 file photo Takara, a 22-year-

An Orca killer whale is seen underwater at the animal theme park SeaWorld in San Diego

More on the fate of captive orcas and orcas held at SeaWorld.

SeaWorld To Pursue Legal Action Over California Ban Of Captive Breeding

Proposed law would ban the captivity of orcas

SeaWorld in San Diego has applied for a $100 million expansion to its Orca tanks. The Coastal Commission approved the expansion of tanks …. but with ...

Controversy Ignites As SeaWorld Tries To Build Bigger Tanks for Its Killer Whales

whale at seaworld

Facing ban on orca breeding, SeaWorld contemplates next move

A baby killer whale swims with its mother at SeaWorld, San Diego.

California Coastal Commission meeting

Months after the California Coastal Commission imposed a breeding ban on SeaWorld's San Diego park SeaWorld CEO Joel Manby says they will end the orca ...

SeaWorld San Diego To End Shows with Orcas

seaworld banned from breeding killer whales. orca. Amaya, one of the baby killer whales born in captivity at SeaWorld San Diego ~ Facebook/SeaWorld

File photo courtesy of SeaWorld San Diego

Public opinion of the captive marine mammal industry has shifted since the release of Blackfish,

Captive killer whale or orca

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) commends SeaWorld for its game-changing commitment to end breeding of the killer whales immediately and phase ...