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Canon212 Not labeled yet Memes Sayings Humor

Canon212 Not labeled yet Memes Sayings Humor



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Vox Cantoris. Jean Zimmer · Not labeled yet

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What's Up With Francis-Church? Jean Zimmer · Not labeled yet

He contradicted the Catechism, so desperate was he to defend the Pope's pro-gay direction:

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Actually is "homosexual so-called marriage", but you get the drift.

Not labeled yet · Restore-DC-Catholicism: Pope Francis' Squandering Of $500k - Maybe More

Name Two Things Dominos Pizza and the Catholic Church Have in Common


Ferrara's Fatal Flaw on Sedevacantism

A Woman Rides the Beast by Dave Hunt

Fatima Conference Chicago

Quotes Suitable for Framing: Ronald Reagan. “

https://steemitimages.com/p/ ...

Looking forward to reading your report in due course…

Heaven is for Real

The Synod on the Family- A review and looking ahead – – FR. JOHN ZUHLSDORF'S BLOG | EPHESIANS-511.NET- A Roman Catholic Ministry Exposing Errors in the ...

... but just in case not, I suggest you read the House Rules section of this blog above, where you will see that the administrator (moi) doesn't take too ...

One Picture-Thousand Words

clerical sex abuse is a homosexual - not pedophile - problem by Bradley Eli


Canon212 Catholic Radio, Year Of Mercy, Pope Benedict Xvi, Pope Francis, Lund

Latest News of Eurosphere: New York Times Goes After Your Milk | w/ Eric Striker, TPS #183

Fr. Robert Barron

Malthus' Proof That Welfare Leads To Increasing Need For Welfare


The clash over contraception in the final analysis involves two irreconcilable views of the human person and sexuality. Humans are not brute animals; ...

BLOG-O-NEWS: MSNBC Has Gone Full CONSPIRACY Theorist, REJECTS Mueller Report - Timcast


... Newsletter-Sidebar-Image.jpg

BLOG-O-NEWS: YALE STUDY: One out of Nine People in America are Here in the country Il..

How Soon Some Forget


The Temple of Reason (the guillotines are just offstage).

The Press Is Not Spinning Francis. He Is.


La Salette Journey: Faithful Catholics: Stand with Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Caffarra and

I offered to travel to the other end of the earth just to house-sit and not a word of gratitude. Honestly…

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BLOG-O-NEWS: TPS: The Public Space. Fight Against Zionism Within The Democrat Party | w/ David Duke, -- Jean-Francois Gariépy

From the moment the women arrive on the convent's doorstep, wearing thigh-high boots and mini-skirts and swearing like dockers, it's evident the nuns will ...

Freemasonry NOT compatible with Catholicism

AKA Catholic | Not labeled yet | Mens tops, Amen, Sayings

Profoundly Ignorant: Shapiro's The Miracle Myth Reviewed — Part I – William M. Briggs

... topic threads rather than hunt through GD threads. Anyway, as I say, your choice. I'd sooner you agreed with me, but, hey, what's one missed pay rise…

It's funny because we can't say “Corpsman” anymore, because we got rid of rating titles AND the word “man”

Ult-Right: Ultimate Eurosphere Compendium: Conrad Black: “Donald Trump: A President Like No Other”


Best Dressed Man

Yes we do and we adore Him by annabelle

Ult-Right: Ultimate Eurosphere Compendium: The Purge Movies | An Analysis with MisterZ, TPS #85

Take Burnham's Test To See If You're A Progressive: Suicide of the West at 50 – William M. Briggs

In any event, you are now restored to the mailing list, and, as a gesture of good will, I will see to it that a copy of our current, February, ...

What's Up With Francis-Church? Jean Zimmer · Not labeled yet

“A Man Cannot Become Pregnant”

Of course, God is sovereign, merciful, loving, all-knowing and all-powerful, so he might decide to save anyone – of any faith – or no faith at all –

BLOG-O-NEWS: Top 5 Nicolas Cage Films - Jay Dyer - 30k Chad Nerd Esoteric Hollywood 2 Party!

But I thought Bergoglio said, "the carnival is over? Jean Zimmer · Not labeled yet

Latest News of Eurosphere: CHINESE $$$ / AMERICAN FREEDOM: Google the "GOOD CENSOR"

…the relationship ...

Judea Pearl Is Wrong On AI Identifying Causality, But Right That AI Is Nothing But Curve Fitting – William M. Briggs

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BLOG-O-NEWS: Patreon May Have Violated Anti Trust Laws In Sargon Debacle - Tim Pool

Pope reaffirms priest celibacy but makes case for exception. Jean Zimmer · Not labeled yet

This ...


They were acquaintances in real life, but it took dating online to bring them together

Latest News of Eurosphere: NAL #48: The Future of Dissident Politics w/Richard Spencer - NPI / RADIX

BLOG-O-NEWS: Jussie Smollett LAWYERED UP, FBI Involved?! Dude May Be IN SERIOUS Trouble - Timcast


BLOG-O-NEWS: Hungary STRIKES BACK at EU Replacement Migration - Black Pigeon Speaks

I get it now!

BLOG-O-NEWS: NYT pushes racist agenda towards Russians: "Corruption is in Russia's DNA" - The Duran

Just you keep on doing what you're doing and remember this…

Eucharistic Adoration Praise And Worship For Introverts Shirt

Latest News of Eurosphere: Horrific knife crime epidemic 20,000 Coppers gone, Theresa May's Brexit Bribes to towns abandoned, - chunkymark

Love My Kids Quotes, Funny As Hell, Crazy Funny, Crazy Mom, Mom

Canon212. Jean Zimmer · Not labeled yet

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