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Building adaptive capacity through community forestry example from

Building adaptive capacity through community forestry example from


Building adaptive capacity through community forestry: example from the dry zone, Myanmar (iied

Dr. Musonda Mumba on Twitter: "Fantastic examples from Myanmar, Peru & Uganda - on practical adaptation options 👏🏽👍🏽#CBA11 @unep @ThandieMwape… "

Figure 1

2 Roles of Social Forestry

Contribution of components to community adaptive capacity to.

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Example of adaptive capacity enhancement options over various time-scales

i0276-4741-33-3-248-f01.tif. After identifying key governance and institutional determinants of adaptive capacity ...

Potential outcomes of integrated community forestry for climate change.


Social Forestry In Sustaining Food Security

TABLE 4. Adaptive actions categorized by ...

Ongoing interactions and information sharing between these actors provide the basis of polycentricity (Figure 1).

... Download full-size image. Figure 1. Adaptive capacity continuum.

Overcoming Climate Impacts Through Adaptive Capacity Building: Two Extreme Cases from Germany - Metropolitics

CF Area location map , Gwa , Rakhine AKN

Summary of adaptive capacity determinants. Sample adaptive capacity issue with enhancement options across domains

The women proudly show off the now verdant forest surrounding the Chapini River. As one of the few female-led community forestry user groups (CFUGs) in this ...

Figure 1.

The visitors enjoyed touring the Huai Hin Dam community forest on a tractor-pulled wagon


Reducing Vulnerability to Climate Change in North West Rwanda through Community Based Adaptation

Overcoming Climate Impacts Through Adaptive Capacity Building: Two Extreme Cases from Germany - Metropolitics

Adaptation in Action. Adaptation strategies for urban forests ...

Climate change adaptation. From Wikipedia ...

Overcoming Climate Impacts Through Adaptive Capacity Building: Two Extreme Cases from Germany - Metropolitics

The after affects of the swidden practices employed by this community can be seen not only

The trees that make up our urban forests along streets and rivers and in yards, campuses, and parks may face additional challenges as the climate changes.

Over the last few months, we have been giving a lot of thought to the role that ecosystems play in adaptation to climate change.


Exemplary Adaptive Capacity Wheel for water management in.

public garden

Location of coal power plants in the EU in 2016, circle diameter indicates capacity, country colours depict coal use per capita (darker shading indicates ...

Ranching with Fire and Rangeland Fire Protection Associations: Livelihoods, resiliency, and adaptive capacity of rural Idaho

Integrated Climate Change Adaptation Strategies (ICCAS) in Grenada

Center for International Forestry Research

Current adaptive capacity is low and the country has Africa's highest level of food insecurity, accompanied by high levels of malnutrition.

Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment Report: Developing a Demonstration Site in Nepal on Community Forestry, Gender and Climate Change Adaptation | ...

Center for International Forestry Research

How can we better support community-based environmental stewardship in readiness, response, and recovery from disturbance?

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Examples of financial proxies for outcomes relevant to.

Recently, we had the opportunity to test our early thinking on the tool in the context of the Ecosystem-based Adaptation (EbA) in Mountain Ecosystems (EbA ...

The GCF-funded project "To advance the National Adaptation Plans (NAP) process for medium-term investment planning in climate-sensitive sectors (i.e. ...

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fort collins adaptive capacity

Community Forest Goals


List of illustrations

Building and participating in regional networks

This requires us to identify synergies and weigh the costs and benefits of different options based on stakeholder objectives identified through ...

Community forestry initiatives for the creation of sustainable rural livelihoods: a case from North America

... Download full-size image. Fig. 6. Agricultural adaptive capacity of ...

Maintaining ecosystem services is a key enabler in enhancing resilience and adaptive capacity Credit: Getty Images

Two Case Studies on Development of water supply and Improving Communities Capacities to adapt climate change, Cambodia

Frontiers | How People Domesticated Amazonian Forests | Ecology and Evolution


Number of species assigned to the three climate change vulnerability rankings for the 17 lizards, according to the unweighted (U) and weighted (W) scoring ...

Seriously degraded forest before planting

Forecasting societies' adaptive capacities through a demographic metabolism model | Nature Climate Change

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SGP Community Action Global Impact

Table 3 Sample adaptive capacity issue with enhancement options across.

They can also include actively managing the forest actively after a disturbance (e.g. by assisting the establishment of adapted and acceptable species).

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Figure 1: Overview of CFM Process


Khao Din’s community forest

Agrandir ...

Overview. Social Forestry is practiced in the Philippines through ...

Building Climate Resilience in Southeast Asian Secondary Cities

Integrated fish ponds and forestry at a LIFT-funded climate smart agriculture project, Bogale.



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Enhancing Adaptive Capacity of Communities in Papua New Guinea

Improved Water Management and Capacity Building for Climate Change in Cape Verde's Longueira and Covoada

Activities directed at forest institutions


Weighted and unweighted scores of sensitivity and adaptive capacity of the 17 Australian lizard species to climate change. Score ≥0.67 is high, ...

FIGURE 8 (Click ...

Vulnerability equation (exposure+sensitivity+adaptive capacity)

A Threatened Old Forest Tells a Story Relevant to Every Urban Forest

Figure 1: The adaptation continuum. Table 1 : Definitions of social protection

Making forest concessions in the tropics work to achieve the 2030 Agenda: Voluntary Guidelines Making forest concessions in the

Climate change impacts and adaptation in forest management: a review | SpringerLink

Projecting adaptive capacity