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Bubble time Beautiful Animals Ocean life Ocean Whale

Bubble time Beautiful Animals Ocean life Ocean Whale


Baleen in a whale's mouth. Baleen in a whale's mouth. Ocean Life ...


Whale-watching in New York City

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(Getty Images | MIGUEL MEDINA)

Lovely bubbly! Beluga whales are the ocean's cleverest creatures, but they aren't above a spot of fun

'Unusual' number of humpback whales are dying along the Atlantic

Spirit Animal Totems

Whales Team Up in Amazing Bubble-Net Hunt | National Geographic

Female orca swimming on the surface with a diver in the background. Offshore from the

Illustration for article titled The Time I Spent On A Commercial Whaling Ship Totally Changed My

Marine Life in the Dominican Republic

A breaching humpback off the coast of Mexico

Humpback Whale

Orca whale; b/w photo, Simply Beautiful

Humpback Whales in Antarctica

The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins: Hal Whitehead, Luke Rendell: 9780226325927: Amazon.com: Books

Do Marine Animals Need Protection from Noise?

Whale standings have been linked to rare occasions on which these marine mammals have suffered from

So killer whales can talk. Welcome to a brave new world of cross-species chat

Watersports fans and beach-lovers are not the only ones who enjoy the warm Caribbean waters. We are lucky to live alongside some truly amazing sea creatures ...

Spying on Whales by Nick Pyenson

A group of narwhals swimming together

Why Do Deep-Sea Fishes Not Get Crushed By Pressure on the Sea Floor?

Humpback Whales Bubble Net Feeding Alaska

Ocean Nursery Decals Whale Shark Dolphin Fish Seahorse

It is that time of the year again, when the humpback whales have arrived to Mohéli, Comoros. A remote, isolated island in the country of Comoros located in ...

A diver admires a spermwhale

10 essential dolphin and whale-watching trips

Sea of Cortez: the world's aquarium

Ranger Rick Humpback May 2018 3

Sperm whale

Responsible Whale-Watching is…

Humpbacks and other baleen whales are returning to New York City to gorge on Atlantic menhaden — but they face a gauntlet of manmade threats.

Your drive to the shops makes life pretty noisy for whales

How Blue Planet II captured never-before-seen views of the ocean - The Verge

Humpback Whale
Megaptera novaeangliae

14 paper plate ocean animal crafts for kids. This ebook contains the printable templates to

Whale Shark Field Guide - Chapter 4

Orcinus orca More. Sea Bags · Marine Life

HUNGER: The decline of salmon adds to the struggle of Puget Sound's orcas

Humpback Whales - The World's Best Places for Whale Watching and Swimming | Diviac Magazine

The deep-sea scavengers that feast on whale fall | The Kid Should See This

Swimming with whales: a frolic in the wild or an accident waiting to happen?

Humpback Whales Bubble-Net Feeding

Amazing flip from Humpback whale at Kaikōura, New Zealand

How to Go Whale Watching in Alaska

Humpback whale breaching near Campbell River, British Columbia

Why Do Humpback Whales Protect Seals & Other Marine Animals From Hunter Orca Pods?

2 dolphins jumping photo

Whales have been hunted since at least medieval times: Great ocean battles between man and beast. The meat that was collected from their massive bodies ...

Whale Watching in Costa Rica

(Nikon D7200, 105mm f/2.8 lens, 1/320 sec @ f/22, ISO 100, Sea and Sea YS-D2 and Inon Z-240 strobes (2); Retra Light Shaping Device, 10Bar laser snoot, ...

The Cultural Lives of Whales and Dolphins: Hal Whitehead, Luke Rendell: 9780226325927: Amazon.com: Books


Free-diving with a whale shark

photo of Humpback Whale Bubble Net Feeding

Humpback whales bubble net feeding

During the Winter and Spring, Whale Watching Long Beach visitors will have the opportunity to witness the annual Grey Whale migration, during which ...

Photo of humpback whale feeding HTA

Plastic ice bag found by a NOAA expedition to the Marianas in 2016 (NOAA Office of Ocean Exploration and Research)

How a snot-collecting marine drone is giving us an exciting new view of whale life

Princess Monterey Whale Watching - Killer Whales, Monterey Bay 3/26/19 | Facebook


Every Dead Whale Has a Tale to Tell

How long can orcas live?

Humpback Whale

Humpback whales swim up through the middle of a bubble net to feed.

The Amazing World of Whales Revealed in Giants of the Deep

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14 paper plate ocean animal crafts for kids. This ebook contains the printable templates to

Dolphins can live even in remote locations like the Polynesian islands. ocean ...

Southern Resident Killer Whales

Newfoundland Whale, Whale Facts

Our Blue Planet

Whale You Be Mine Valentine's Day Scuba Diving Quote

A beached blue whale in Kuwait earlier this year Getty Images

Humpback whale flipper

On that week, the great Alaskan mystery of communal bubble net feeding was revealed to me. I look forward to all the new discoveries next season in Alaska.

Photo: Humpback whales feed while a seagull takes advantage of the feast


Sperm whale

Photographer Captures Stunning Killer Whale Attack on Dolphin