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Bubble Wrap Speech FREEBIE k Speech Games Oral motor Speech

Bubble Wrap Speech FREEBIE k Speech Games Oral motor Speech


... Speech Games by Diane Holmes. These articulation pages were designed to use with bubble wrap to make articulation practice fun and

Targeting Speech Sounds at the Sentence Level, Initial S FREEBIE Articulation Activities, Articulation Therapy

But, I did get into a creative mood the other night! I started looking at some clip-art I had purchased a while ago, but never did anything with and here's ...

This printable FREEBIE is so fun for your English language arts or Speech Therapy classroom!

Make speech drills fun! These FREE colorful paperless spinners for /s/ are a

... Rainbow Speech Bubble Clipart {speech bubble clipart}

Oromotor Screener-gives an essential look at the functioning of a child's ability to produce speech sounds. From Adventures in Speech Pathology.

No Print Final Consonant Deletion Picture Scenes

... Snowflake Articulation Targeting Initial /p, b, m/

Practice positional words "next to" and answering where questions in kindergarten and preschool speech

Bunny Paint - Freebie Bunny Paint - Freebie

Note: We have added a basket full of EGGstra worksheets, puzzles, and reinforcers to this unit for Easter 2014! Please download the new version if you ...

FREE Summer Speech Therapy Activities from Speech Spotligh by Speech Sprouts

... Articulation Racing Mats Toy Companon FREEBIE for SP/ST

Holiday Speech Language Therapy Activity Set

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I know this probably looks more seasonal than most of the others and you might be thinking, "How can a seasonal item be a speech room staple?

A great list of toys that have been tested out in speech therapy (most available

Christmas Themed Activities for Busy SLPs

... Black and White Speech Bubble Clipart {speech bubble clipart}

Winter Listen Up! Following Directions by pandaspeech. “

Flip Flop Craft Freebie For Speech Therapy

I'm thinking of blowing this up to EPIC proportions and sticking it on my

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LiveSpeakLove Holiday Roundup

... speech sounds with adults. Her findings (below) which are coronal images of tongue positioning including bracing, lateral contact and groove formation ...

Speaking of oral motor, here is my mini oral motor kit. I have tongue depressors, cotton balls, straws, Marshallow Fluff, and bubbles!

Valentine's Day Sight Word FREEBIE!


... Fuzzy Articulation Snowman FREEBIE: Pom Pom Pictures

Pop Up Speech and Language Craft: Pirate Freebie

Thanks #targetdollarspot for the new speech therapy materials! 😁🙌🏻

Flavored Tongue Depressors

Happy Thanksgiving from LiveSpeakLove!

Candy/Candy Cane Inspired Activities

Hello and welcome to Speech To The Core. This is Shanda Gaunt MS, CCC/SLP. I am one of the twins from Twin Speech, Language & Literacy LLC.

Valentine's Day Sight Word FREEBIE!

Are you focusing on the CONTRASTS in your minimal pairs intervention? If your student

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Read the situations on the cards and have students discuss how the conversation might continue. You could also discuss the appropriateness of the actions of ...

Recently, I've participated in various on-line and in-person discussions with both school-based speech language pathologists (SLPs) as well as medical ...

Speech Color by Numbers picture of the week. Find the link in my bio.

Celebrating Better Hearing and Speech Month

Speechie Freebies: Pre-K Verb Activities. Speechie Freebies: Pre-K Verb Activities Speech ...

traditions freebie

Here's one of my favorite games. Just click the link below to download this FREEBIE!

Summer Speech/Language Activity Pages:

My older students have not been left out of the fun this year. My district also purchased two great educational games for context clues and inferencing.

Game Research - The art, business, and science of video games » Review: Jim Rossignol's This Gaming Life

What's the Difference Between AAR & AAS?

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Review of the Comprehensive English-Yiddish Dictionary

Bilabial CVCV (/b/, /p/) FREEBIE

Christmas Irregular Verbs by shortandsweetspeech. “

Judge Not…

My drive used to be an hour and half, one way, but after my husband and I got married we built a house that happened to be much closer the building I ...

A Few “Sweet” Little Valentine Activities

Do you struggle to differentiate during centers or small group time? Utilizing these 10 simple

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Hurting tummy illustration - Can Food Sensitivity Tests Identify IBS Food Triggers - Pinterest 2


In my social pragmatic assessments of the 0-3 population, in addition, to the child's adaptive behavior during the assessment, I also describe the child's ...

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FREEBIE FRIDAY! 🆓🤩🤘 This PDF printable for speech sound development is being sent

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If you follow me on Instagram, you may have noticed that we used Hot Cocoa Speech (a very fun freebie) by Lauren over at Busy Bee Speech:

shape sorters



Gingerbread Inspired Activities

Visualizing Thought Bubble Activity Visualizing Thought Bubble Activity

... you…entire ...

Let's talk about Gravity!

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Saturday, April 27th @ The St. Jude Nashville Rock N' roll Marathon

Easter Funfair

11 Benefits of Playing with Bubbles

The Middle Class or You only live twice | Publish your master's thesis, bachelor's thesis, essay or term paper

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As a gift to my readers I'm offering these absolutely free Valentine's Day Sight Word Game Boards. Enjoy!


Words from My Heart: An Exercise in Kindness & Using Good

30, 2018, 11-30-18 GRASS Holiday Party

... snowman, snowball, skate, scarf, sled, slide, slip, slippery, skid...You get the idea! So, with my articulation groups, we made this snowman craftivity:

Friday, April 5th @ Scruffy City Hall in Knoxville, TN supporting Every Mother's Nightmare

Apraxia & Articulation Cards Palatal-Dental FREEBIE!

Vocalic EAR 🗣 articulation word searches 50+ vocalic /ear/ words in initial,

Speech Therapists or mommies looking for Easter basket ideas - this was a great @melissaanddougtoys ...

Graffiti on a wall along Tehran's Vali-asr Street, in protest to mandatory hijab ...

“This 8-page activity for /k/ and /g/ has 8 stimulus pictures and words for each position of each sound for a total of 48 articulation pictures/cards.”

Sports Roundup April 8-13