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British influence in Washington has vanished after Brexit French

British influence in Washington has vanished after Brexit French


British influence in Washington has 'vanished' due to Brexit, French ambassador to US says. '

Britain told it is losing influence in Washington

BREXIT LIVE: Fury as France gloats UK has LOST influence with Washington 'UK has vanished'

Theresa May's five big mistakes

Theresa May resigns after Brexit failure

British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected to step down on June 7. Photo:

Not so special: Why the US won't help Britain in the Brexit talks

Brexit: An idiot's guide to the United Kingdom leaving the European Union

England – Britain – voted for Brexit because they wished to be governed by a parliament

BREXIT has led to the collapse of British influence in Washington, according to outgoing French ambassador to the US Gérard Araud.

Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, left, and US secretary of state John Kerry hold a

Brexit: The EU and Federica Mogherini

France's hardening views on Brexit. With the UK gone ...

'Whimsical, uninformed': French ambassador's parting verdict on Trump

Sir Chris Meyer says in his day, French were lampooned in DC as “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”. Letter in @thetimes today -pic.twitter.com/ZDcm06N5TA

European elections 2019: What to expect

Britain's Liberal Democrats leader Tim Farron gestures to supporters while on the General Election campaign trail in Twickenham, London, Wednesday.

Brexit Britain will have to get used to life as a 'third country'

A pro-European Union protester holds U.K. and European flags in front of Victoria Tower

Chagos Islands: Mauritius sovereignty dispute reveals Brexit Britain's loss of global influence

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Bernard-Henri Lévy performs “Last Exit Before Brexit” in London on June 4. (Carys Lavin)

Nicolas De Santis followed

Boris Johnson speaking at the launch of the Vote Leave bus campaign in 2016. Photo

brexit remainers

French President Emmanuel Macron, center, poses for a photo. (Martin Bureau/Associated Press)

Pass or Fail, Brexit Has Destroyed Britain's Brilliant Global Strategy

Lead Oren Liebermann Bibi Live _00001912

Brexit Britain has forgotten the crucial role the UK played in shaping the Europe of today

Donald Trump: Theresa May 'didn't listen' to me on Brexit. '

LONDON — There was no lack of doomsday rhetoric before Britain's referendum on E.U. membership. European Council President Donald Tusk warned that Britain ...

A demographic assessment shows France's white, or native, birthrate at

Emmanuel Macron with Merkel in Berlin (picture-alliance/AP Photo/M.

United States Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Woody Johnson. Photo: AFP Photo

Brexit vote: British Parliament overwhelmingly rejects Theresa May's plan, diminishing chance of withdrawal on March 29

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... the failed globalist schemes of your EU-shill President Macron. https://twitter.com/sotiridi/status/1085129853509271552?s=20 …pic.twitter.com/kZFr2s6PhG

The British and their exceptionalism

Brexit – what would happen if Britain left the EU?

A local resident leaves after casting her vote on the EU referendum in northern England on June 23, 2016.(AFP/Lindsey Parnaby)

Nigel Farage, leader of the Euro-sceptic Brexit Party, walks through a crowd

Isolationism and Global Britain

Britain once punched above its weight. Now we are irrelevant. Jonathan Powell. After Brexit ...

Brexit would shake the four pillars of British foreign policy

the euro crisis forgotten but not gone 810x810

Before and after Brexit: How will the rights of Brits in Italy change?

“I have not seen one [party], except for the U.K. guys,

How Brexit Will Change the World

20th Century European Lessons for a 21st Century Brexit

(Left to right) Former prime minister David Cameron and former foreign secretary Boris Johnson

Brexit is a rejection of globalisation



Trump fights Macron's European army over words, not weapons

Donald Trump said the next British leader should send arch-Brexiteer Nigel Farage to conduct

There Is Life for the EU After Brexit

Brexit Does Not Matter

Should Europe have its own army? With Britain set to (in theory) leave the EU in 2019, one of the largest defence spenders in the European Union is about to ...

EU leaders agree to delay Brexit until 31 October – as it happened

Britain: A time to lead rather than leave the EU?

Better news for Sinn Féin in North as two anti-Brexit MEPs elected

Ross Clark

EU referendum: Will Brexit make the UK more or less safe?

A recent handout picture shows ill British toddler Alfie Evans at Alder Hey Children's Hospital in

Brexit Britain: Small, boring and stupid

ECFR's survey thus shows that, over time, EU member states have not grown closer together on security and defence issues. While the disharmony narrative ...

The European Union has bigger problems to deal with than Brexit

42 Questions About Brexit That Need Answering

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France demands 'rapid clarification' over Brexit as British PM May announces resignation

Is This the End of the Anglosphere?

What if British Americans staged a Brexit? We'd totally lose Utah.

Macron (Getty Images/AFP/J. Thys)

Money UK has lost since Brexit vote exceeds EU budget payments, study shows | South China Morning Post

Europol Director Rob Wainwright speaks during the large international consultations with representatives of the Global Counterterrorism

Second Brexit deal defeat deepens UK crisis

Brexit is a revolt against a German-run European super-state

A European Union without the United Kingdom: The Geopolitics of a British Exit from the EU

... of Wellington was a major influence British politics following the Congress of Vienna. He advocated support for a restored Bourbon monarchy in France.

Outgoing Ambassador of France to the United States Gerard Araud has said the British influence in

Part I: The British Role in the Coup Against the President Is Now Exposed. Will You Act Now to Save the Nation?

Andrew Thorpe collects milk from his van for an order during his early morning milk doorstep

To restore itself to global leadership all Britain needs to do is unshackle itself from Brussels.

Corbyn in Dublin says he could renegotiate Brexit as prime minister

Washington is dismissing China's 'Belt and Road,' that's a huge strategic mistake

Updated 11pm: Donald Tusk confirmed last night that the European Council has agreed to a Brexit extension to 22 May provided MV3 succeeds in the House of ...

Brexit proposal

Are the British really as xenophobic as they've been made out to be since Brexit?

France and Britain were allies during the Crimean War, both aiming to check on the power of an expanding Russia. During the iconic Charge of the Light ...

The cultural anxiety fueling France's protests, Brexit and Trump

... and Italy alongside France and Germany — gathered at Messina in Sicily to talk about a common market, Whitehall and Westminster had been dismissive.

British General Montgomery addresses the 11th Canadian Tank Regiment near Lentini, Sicily, July 1943


NATO, the EU and Brexit: Joining forces?