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Berenice Osuna gallitahermosa on t

Berenice Osuna gallitahermosa on t


Berenice Osuna

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Varrio love

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Varrio Love Is:. Photobooth moments

Varrio Love Is . . . Helping Out Your Homegirl Stationary

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Aveces hago eso cuando no estoy bien. Lo siento.

337+ Relationship Quotes And Sayings

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Tonta no, pero hazte un favor no lo vuelvas hacer "Lo que es para

Todos los encuentros son para sanar , crecer y evolucionar .

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Sígueme como Deitamix aquí encontrarás pines de tu agrado

Do this every day.

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Cierto en mi c

5 Baby Girl Symptoms In The Second Trimester (And 5 That Mean Its A Boy)

Pedro infante discovered by Lily Robledo on We Heart It. Berenice Osuna

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Berenice Osuna · Quotes .totally✌ Payback Quotes, Bad Karma Quotes, Quotes About Karma, Attitude Quotes

Sometimes its not the father, sometimes its the mother that pushes the father ou. Berenice Osuna

Can You Forgive Me - Ms Krazie


Unplanned pregnancy often leads to some of the biggest joys and right things in… Berenice Osuna

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Making the decision to have a child—it's momentous. It is to decide forever

Ms krazie

I know you watch over us Silhouette Cameo, Silhouette Projects, Me Quotes, Quotable

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Loved You Yesterday Love You Still Always Have Always Will Pallet Sign Anniversary Gift Wedding Vows

Umbert the Unborn - a lot of these are super funny but some also touch on

Berenice Osuna · Quotes · I am excited to share with you the 9 abuser types that Lundy Bancroft talks about

He who began a good work in you IS FAITHFUL to complete it! TRUST,

You have to be ignorant to call a little baby a piece of tissue

Berenice Osuna · Future mommy · I will never forget how little those feet were in my hands. They grow so

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Berenice Osuna · Future mommy · Carta al hombre que me convirtió en mamá soltera Mama Quotes, Got Quotes, Quotes

Ms krazie showing love to Selena💜

psychology quotes about people who lie. Berenice Osuna

Ms krazie

Los huevos q le faltaron al papa. Berenice Osuna

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Giving Up Quotes Relationship, Quotes For Breakups, Failing Marriage Quotes, Man Up

i love this girl music!


Gangster Love Gangsta Quotes | showin gangsta love :: Latino :: MyNiceProfile.com

Umbert the Unborn - well played, Umbert!


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Little Womb on the Prairie

Ultrasounds every two weeks since the first trimester (perks of being high risk).

Pro-life without a doubt hesitation or exception.

Maybe this is why I have such severe heartburn! ;)

Pro-life. Defend the babies and love their mothers.

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A person is a person no matter how small! 😘

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Mrs krazie


ms krazie ♥

<3 Nostalgia by Ms Krazie

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¿Imposible? Imposible es no quererte, no sonreír cuando te veo, no echarte


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