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Bee propolis has been serving honey bees and humans for centuries

Bee propolis has been serving honey bees and humans for centuries


Bee propolis has been serving honey bees and humans for centuries. While the honeybees use it to keep their hives whole and invader-free, humans use bee ...

The purpose of propolis is to protect the beehives from intruders. However, for many centuries this therapeutic substance has been used as an ancient remedy ...


Big Island Honeybees

The Benefits of Beekeeping

3 ways to create a honeybee haven at home. Honeybees take nectar and pollen ...

Worker bee

Honey bees are one variety of insects known as pollinators and are critical to the pollination process of a third of the food people consume, such as fruits ...

Invasion of the 'frankenbees': the danger of building a better bee

The other three (honey, propolis and pollen) are derived from plants and are modified and engineered by the bees for their own use.

Africanized bee

Ross Land

Close-Up Of Honey Bees Outdoors

Drone (bee)

How We Can Save the Honeybees

Brief History of Propolis

Honey bees can produce lots of honey, and selling honey can be a lucrative business for people who aren't allergic to bee stings, who don't have a lot of ...

It's complicated, honey: Bees vs… bees

How the Bees You Know are Killing the Bees You Don't

A pollen-covered bumblebee sits on a flower in northern France

There is a Protein in Royal Jelly that Causes Bee Stem Cells to Renew Themselves,

woman collecting honey

Bee Propolis - Dr. Axe

A European honey bee carries pollen back to its hive.

Dwight Wells, a beekeeper with the Propolis project, works with Instrumented Queen honey bees

Tri-coloured bumblebee on sweet clover. Like honey bees ...

Amazon.com: High Potency Royal Jelly Capsules with Bee Pollen & Bee Propolis | Concentrated All-Natural, Pure Superfood with Antioxidant Support| Benefits ...

Photo 1 (native bees + honey bee)

Twelve Reasons NOT to be Afraid of Honey Bees

At once providing structural support and sterilizing action, propolis has been called both 'bee glue' and 'bee penicillin.' It is strongly anti-bacterial, ...

AKRON, Ohio -- Dan Kaminski is a gatekeeper to the not-so-secret life of bees.

Since the prehistory, the human has always wanted to collect the precious liquid. The 19th century was the golden age for the apiculture.

Honeybees hog the limelight, yet wild insects are the most important and vulnerable pollinators

Bee pollen is the new health craze – here are its benefits

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The bees and the humans

bee killers. Are America's vanishing bees the " ...

Bee collecting pollen at the Del Mar fairgrounds

Start Urban Beekeeping

Living Drones. Throughout human history, the honeybee has ...

Most modern farmland is inhospitable to wild pollinators, so agriculture has become heavily dependent on commercially managed honey bees to pollinate crops.

Royal Jelly Isn't What Makes a Queen Bee a Queen Bee

IMAGE: While many scientists are focused on the decline of honey bees, relatively few study bumble bees. The good news is that a new study provides an ...

Invasion of the 'frankenbees': the danger of building a better bee | Environment | The Guardian

Questions & Answers About Bees

This is an image of a honey bee gathering pollen.

Graham White, protector of pollinators

What is propolis?

Latvia launches a hexagonal honeycomb coin to showcase the importance of bees and honey

Beekeeping: introduction


Common Eastern Bumble Bee nectaring - by Margot Hughes

bee pollen

Beyond honey bees: Wild bees are also key pollinators, and some species are disappearing

A painful lesson in Zen and the art of honeybee reverence

During the summer their numbers begin to decline, and by fall the worker bees force the drones out of the hive as they no longer have a function.

Honeybees, feeding off uncapped honey.

Bees on a honeycombs ...

The life of a bee starts with a feast on bee pollen. When honey is unheated and unfiltered, many of the sediments, like honeycomb, propolis and pollen, ...

Since the earliest days of the film industry, war movies have been a staple. A substantial proportion of the most popular and financially remunerative films ...

Catering for our Bees

bee pollen

Under the spell of the honey bee. Pixabay photo.

Raw honey is honey that hasn't been heated or pasteurized, and it contains natural vitamins, enzymes, powerful antioxidants, and other important nutrients.

Honeybee-Worker-Full-Pollen-Baskets honey production

Honeybee (Apis mellifera)

Give bees a chance: the ancient art of beekeeping could save our honey (and us too)

Notice the clump of pollen on this bee's leg. Bees collect and spread pollen while

What bees can teach us about the real value of protecting nature

urban bees

Essex Bees

Propolis, Manuka Honey & Bee Pollen: The low down on bee related health products | Now To Love

7 Health Benefits of Bee Propolis

Some species including honey bees, bumble bees, and stingless bees live socially in colonies. Bees are adapted for feeding on nectar and pollen, the former ...

bee propolis

New in the 19th century precisely in 1841, Rijkeus, a Dutch national introduced bee honey cultivation. Currently there are at least 4 types of honey bees ...

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Neonicotinoids are pesticides known as systematic pesticides. Systematic pesticides do not simply stay on the surface of the plants they are sprayed onto, ...


Carniolan honey bee and beekeeping

Worker-bees on a freshly-made beeswax comb, one of them has come from the field laden with overflowing pollen baskets. These are special structures on the ...


Why are bees important? You asked Google – here's the answer | Alison Benjamin | Opinion | The Guardian

16th century beekeeping suit

The animals and man; an elementary textbook of zoology and human physiology. Zoology .

Bee propolis is the resinous material used by bees to seal their hives. It consists of resins, pollen, and other materials gathered from the bark and leaf ...