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Because of the Electoral College a presidential candidate can win

Because of the Electoral College a presidential candidate can win


How To Win The Presidency With 23 Percent Of The Popular Vote

Suppose President Obama wins all of the electoral votes from (1) all of the Northeastern states except New Hampshire; (2) Maryland, Delaware, the District ...

How Hillary Clinton Won the Popular Vote But Lost the Election | Billboard

In a very close election, John F. Kennedy edged out Richard Nixon by a mere 112,827 votes. Though Nixon won more states (26 to 22), Kennedy triumphed in ...

Donald Trump won the presidential election but lost the popular vote, marking the fifth time in U.S. history that the candidate who didn't receive the most ...

"The Electoral College isn't a place, it's not a college, it's a process,” said Steven Nelson, a professor at Northern Michigan University.

Because of the Electoral College, a presidential candidate can win with only 23% of


Electoral College

How the electoral college gerrymanders the presidential vote

In Maine and Nebraska, the electoral votes are split by congressional district, with the winner of the state's popular vote gaining the two statewide votes.

At the next presidential election, the popular vote must win out

Key Ballot Initiatives

Another State Rejects Electoral College as Democrats Advance Effort to Win 2020 Presidential Race

(Bay Ismoyo/AFP via Getty Images. Reviewing the presidential election ...

Electoral College

In the 2000 US presidential election, Vice President Al Gore received 543,000 more votes than his rival, George W Bush, then governor of Texas.

Electoral College Results thus far (courtesy Google).


Well, since 1980 it has accurately predicted the winning party of 406 of the 459 elections in the 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Voters cast their ballots in the 2016 presidential election in Jackson, Mississippi. (AP Photo / Rogelio V. Solis)

Infographic: "It was the biggest electoral college win since Ronald Reagan" | Statista

... and the number of electors allocated per state is what allows a presidential candidate to lose the popular vote but win the presidential election.

6 Electoral College A presidential candidate can ...


Charlie Kirk: 'If Democrats and the Left' Kill Electoral College, 'We Can Never Win Another Election'

Clinton: What the popular vote in each state shows

Democrats know full well the reasons for the Electoral College, but they don't care because all they care about is power, and winning elections.

Lauren ...

Electoral College: Why The Popular Vote Doesn't Win The U.S. Presidential Election

US election: The Electoral College and how to win a Presidential election | World News | Sky News

The 2016 election was only the fourth time in U.S. history that a presidential candidate has

Most people are clueless as to the legality of what they are doing when they vote. You think you are voting for a candidate, but you are actually voting for ...

Graphic: how the race for the White House will be won and lost

Electoral College leads to 'land of the ignored'_00004229

Nobody Understands What a Popular Vote Presidential Election Would Mean

Electoral College confusions

Obama Won, but Romney Almost Was President: How the Democrats Targeted Electoral College Votes to Win the 2012 Presidential Election Paperback – November 9, ...

State winner-take-all laws are also the reason why it is possible for a candidate to win the Presidency without winning the national popular vote.

G. Elliott Morris on Twitter: "If the 2018 #midterms were a presidential election, the Democrat would have won with 296 electoral votes.

Picking a president: In the United States, it's not just as simple as counting votes in a box. (iStockphoto )

U.S. Presidents Who Won Without the Popular Vote

How to become the President of the United States of America (USA)?

On the other hand, “Many presidential candidates want to win states like Texas, Florida, and New York” (“Does Your Vote Count? The Electoral College ...

The left used the popular vote as an argument to de-legitimize Trump's presidency. They followed it up with the Russian investigation.

This debate has renewed recently because Hillary Clinton has just become the fifth presidential candidate to win the popular vote but fail to be elected ...

11 Electoral College ...

2016 Presidential Election: Let's Look At The Electoral College Map

George Will: Why Trump wants to replace the Electoral College with popular vote in presidential elections

As I was chatting with a man in his mid-30s, the conversation turned to the 2016 presidential race. When I asked him who he was supporting as the Republican ...

This is the tenth article in a series that reviews news coverage of the 2016 general election, explores how Donald Trump won and why his chances were ...

The Democratic-majority Colorado state Senate passed a bill this week that would give the state's electoral votes in presidential elections to the candidate ...

Could 'faithless electors' undermine the Electoral College?


In the US, the electoral college drives the presidential election. A candidate will win an election if they obtain more than half of the electoral votes ...

Another Presidential Candidate Calls for Abandoning the Electoral College

Republican President-elect Donald Trump delivers his acceptance speech during his election night event at

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us election result breakdown

Donald Trump is 27th on the all-time list of electoral votes received by an individual - The Washington Post

Presidential Race Question: “Thinking about the presidential election in November, will you vote

Winner-Take-All? The Troubled History Of The Electoral college And The Popular Vote

Infographic: Preliminary Results of the United States Presidential Election | Statista

... an almost impossible path to electoral college victory for the Republican candidate, the November model shows an improbable but not impossible path.

Popular Vote Presidential Elections and the Electoral College

It's an expected argument given the unusual circumstances of the 2016 election. Clinton won some 2.6 million more votes than Trump in the nationwide tally.

The Candidates

Hillary Clinton could have legal right to challenge electoral college system and be next US president, says law professor

Could Hillary Clinton Win the Popular Vote But Lose in the Electoral College ?

National Presidential Election Map

Emotions are still raw for some after Donald Trump wins the presidency. While he lost the popular vote, he won the electoral college with 29 states.

Selection for president, if the 2016 presidential election was between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton

... passed a measure to choose the winner of presidential races based on which candidate wins the popular vote instead of the electoral college.

Elizabeth Warren called for abolishing the Electoral College

vote you are important

The majority of electors in the electoral college voted for Donald Trump despite Hilary Clinton winning

President-elect Donald Trump is poised to win another election to be president. The tally will be officially counted Jan. 6 before the new Congress.

Graphic shows disparities between population and electoral votes among states; 4c x 5 inches;

A presidential candidate needs 270 electoral votes to win the White House. Most states predictably vote red or blue, but a small handful swing either way ...

Electoral College forecast

Republican ideas would fail in the free market. Ignoring voters' will won't work forever.

Sorry, That Electoral College Petition Won't Stop A Trump Presidency

Democrats are livid about the fact that Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 presidential election despite winning the popular vote. In response, prominent 2020 ...

Trump could still win it all: His paths to 270 electoral college votes—and the presidency

Obama Won, but Romney Almost Was President: How the Democrats Targeted Electoral College Votes to Win the 2012 Presidential Election: Dr. Everett E. ...

... Presidential Election Process. by Robert Greenslade

Electoral College Reform

What Is The Winner-Takes-All Rule In The Presidential Election? It's Steeped In Controversy

2017 India Presidential Election

Indiana: Obama won ...

There are between 60 and 170 different ways to take this map to a win for either party, and over a dozen to take it to a 270-270 tie.

No sooner had the US midterm elections for Congress concluded than jockeying began for the presidential elections in 2020. Barring either impeachment, which ...

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