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Beautiful beautiful Bully Photographer not noted Bull Terrier

Beautiful beautiful Bully Photographer not noted Bull Terrier


Beautiful, beautiful Bully! Photographer not noted

Mini Bull Terriers, Miniature Bull Terrier, Bull

Bull terrier

Garden gal - some bullies hang out among greenery and "trance!" Often, while standing they become still with a faraway look in their eyes!

I've never seen a black bull terrier before!!!! Gorgeous!

English Bull Terrier, 1900

You're a silly looking beautiful little baby :-) now aren't you?

Photo of Vinny ...

1934 – Mrs. Montague Sturridge And Her Bull Terrier '…today the bull terrier is a member of leading households.'


An early English Bull Terrier. This was before the distortion of the down face we see today was preferred.

English Bull Terriers, Bullies, Pitbulls, Pit Bulls, Bullying, Pitbull, Pitbull

Everything You Need To Know About The Fastest Growing Dog Breed: The American Bully

Author William Berloni wth the stars of 'Oliver Twist', 1984

Pit Bull Picture Project


Pit Bull Project Updates

Photographer and Author Alice van Kempen with Claire, 2018

Pit Bull: The Battle over an American Icon: Bronwen Dickey: 9780345803115: Amazon.com: Books

It seems incredible that at one time the Bull Terrier was a handsome, athletic dog. Somewhere along its journey to a mutated skull and thick abdomen the ...

Amazon.com: A Dog Named Jimmy: The Social Media Sensation (9780525429623): Rafael Mantesso: Books

According to the UKC- The American Bully breed was subtly influenced by the infusion of several other breeds, which include the American Bulldog, ...

Bull terrier playing fetch

Guy Whose Wife Left Him With Nothing But A Dog Continues To Put Him In Fun Scenarios (116 New Pics)


Kennel Calypso

Pit Bull Picture Project Updates

This early Bull Terrier and little friend were photographed in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

Everything You Need to Know About Renting With Pit Bull-Type Dogs | HuffPost

Muscle Bully Puppy Naturals (60 Serving) - A Healthy Nutritional Formula for Growing Puppies

#squishy#pit bull#pit bull terriers#americanstaffordshireterrier#american staffordshire ...

Cesar's dog Junior.

English Bull Terrier Playing

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We Went to Rescue Newborn Puppies But Never Expected This | Howl Of A Dog Rescue - YouTube

Emma and her Valentine's Day card.

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Also, don't get American Bullies confused with Bulldogs! They're not the same! American Bullies are their own breed!

People Are Breeding Pit Bulls Over And Over — Then Dumping Them - The Dodo

No photo description available.

American Bullies are thick, beautiful, impressive muscular dogs with a great disposition towards other dogs, people and children.

Beautiful blue puppies

BULLY KING Magazine | The #1 Internationally Distributed Bully Breed Lifestyle Magazine

pit bull dog in Aurora shelter

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Jekca

Early Bull Terrier – 'Puss'

Handmade English Bull Terrier Necklace FREE SHIPPING

Pit Bull Picture Project Updates

Bull Terriers seized from Puppy Farm showing their living conditions


Staffordshire Bull Terrier Jekca

A muzzled pit bull-type dog

How America's Dog Became Public Enemy #1 – And Why They're Making Such A Comeback

A Crack In The Wall Of Denver Breed Specific Legislation

Meet the Real Shelter Dogs of Pennsylvania … And They're All Adoptable!

General Patton's Dog, Willie.

You can be forgiven for believing that dogs trained to fight can never become family pets

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Claire Kyte shared this photo of her four staffies as they eagerly awaited the result of

Rescued pit bulls are the star of this Chicago circus

Image Source: Page 146 of Ernest Eberhard's 'The New Complete Bull Terrier', 1971

Pit Bull Picture Project Updates

Why French Bulldogs (and Their Owners) Are the Worst: A Rant

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Bella-Reed Photography

American Pit Bull Terrier mix (8 w/o; F; #R164070) – Available for adoption from @animalleague. Bone given by @0olaurao0 #giveadogabone

'Feet on The Table' bull terrier pencil sketch by Lix North, 2004. '

Pit Bull Picture Project Updates

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According to the ABKC-The American Bully breed has been selectively bred to give America's breed, the American Pit Bull Terrier, a new direction and outlet.

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Pit Bull war ads

Sonders with Cesar Millan, Emma, and Junior. Shot by Sonders' shoot assistant

It is important to note the ABKC got rid of the extreme class. So there are currently 4 Classes

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Staffordshire Bull Terrier Jekca

Photography by gordy stop being weird on Tumblr.

Old photos of the “Nanny Dog” – Staffordshire Bull Terrier | A ..

I specifically picked out several individual dogs that could understandably face being incorrectly identified as Pit Bulls, and I also picked out several ...

Jimmy The Bull

Edward the Bull Terrier

Pit Bull Picture Project Updates

On February 22, Animals of IPAC states on the post, "Emmet got approved for transport. Please call in your $50 pledge" now.

Once a noble working dog, the modern St. Bernard has been oversized, had its faced squished in, and bred for abundant skin. You will not see this type of ...

Grand Champion Bully Market's Thee Buss

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Short Leg Staffordshire Bull Terrier Puppy wanted / American Bully

Bull Terrier dog pet memorial Rainbow Bridge Gift

Pit Bull Picture Project Updates

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The Dog Breeds (and Cat Breeds) That United Is Banning From Its Flights, Revealed

It is not hard to find old references to the Bull Terrier. The various histories and descriptions of the breed largely agree with each other.