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Austin Lawrence is a Vape God capable of mindblowing tricks using

Austin Lawrence is a Vape God capable of mindblowing tricks using


Austin Lawrence is a 'Vape God,' capable of mindblowing tricks using the vapor

Lawrence took up vaping three years ago while quitting cigarettes and now gets as many as

One of his tricks is a 'lasso' in which he threads one ring through

Austin Lawrence on Instagram: “Chillin in NYC 🗽 which city should I visit?”

Austin Lawrence on Instagram: “Summer in NYC is 🔥 Which country are you rooting for in the World Cup?”

Lawrence also creates 'Big O's' in which the air circulating around a central vapor

Austin Lawrence on Instagram: “Summer fun with @kaws ☀ 👌 Peep that heart shaped bubble! 🖤”

Lawrence doesn't need to inhale the vapor; in this trick he 'spills

'Vape God' creates unbelievable shapes from e-cigarette vapor | Electronic Cigarettes | Vape, Vape tricks, Electronic cigarette

Austin Lawrence on Instagram: “Awesome artwork done by @mynameisvalxn 👩 🎨 I love seeing what you guys create 🙏💯”

'Vape God' creates unbelievable shapes from e-vapor | Daily Mail Online

The young talent can 'push' air to transform the vapor rings into odd shapes

Drake (pictured) was into hookahs, such as this one he posted on his

Austin Lawrence on Instagram: “Happy New Year! 🎊 Hope you all had an amazing year and here's to 2018 🍾👌 I really appreciate all the continued support ...

He also visited Drake's mansion (pictured) and taught the rapper how to vape

Austin Lawrence on Instagram: “2 Million 😱🙏 Thank you for all the the continued support and love that you all show me. It's my passion to create content, ...

Austin Lawrence on Instagram: “I miss Game of Thrones”

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Phoenix Theatre: Kurt Vonnegut's God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater

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Below are 2 video samplers:

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From Adam and his team, about the book:

Vocabulary + usage = Word Power

Book Cover of JT Lawrence - Sticky Fingers: 12 Short Stories



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Wishing You Every Happiness this Holiday Season and Through Out the Coming Year


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Vape Cannon! How to build your own and make giant vape rings

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Here is one of our newest novelty signs!

Austin Lawrence


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Conversations with Dead Relatives

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