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American Infantry Advancing with Tanks near Essey National Museum

American Infantry Advancing with Tanks near Essey National Museum


American Infantry Advancing with Tanks near Essey. Description: Crayon and charcoal drawing on white paper. A tank looms on the horizon in this battlefield ...

On the Trail of the Hun by William Aylward

Imphalgurkhas.jpg. Gurkhas advancing with Grant tanks ...

MacArthur and Patton: The St. Mihiel Offensive

Two soldiers standing in brush, one aiming a bazooka

American infantry going into action near Fishes, 1918. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

APC by David E. Graves, Vietnam Combat Artists Program, CAT IX, 1969-70. Courtesy of National Museum of the U.S. Army

Battle scars reveal the life of 'Mephisto', a WW1 German tank from a century ago

Tank desant

Tank desant

While this assertion centres mainly on the primary use of aircraft, tanks, submarines and advanced weaponry in a major conflict, ...

... african_americans_wwii_014.jpg)

india t-90 tank Indian Army's ...

German infantry during an advance, 1941

Russia vs. NATO: Who Would Win in a War?

Battle of the Imjin River

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Kohima: Britain's greatest battle?

Art Collection, National Museum of the Marine Corps, Triangle, Virginia

In this April 1917 file photo, World War I Army recruits who answered the call to enlist fill a street in New York City shortly after President Woodrow ...

Red Army



Gurkhas open fire during an attack near Palel, April 1944

With retention up and recruiting down, here's how the Army plans to add 7,500 more soldiers to the ranks

Indian infantry with gas masks in the trenches

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British troops examine a North Korean Maxim machine gun captured during their advance from the Pusan

Side profile view of Mephisto at the 5th Tank Brigade's Demonstration Ground at Vaux-en-Amienois. Queensland Museum, Author provided

As autonomous weapons systems move from concept to reality, military planners, roboticists, and

The Reflective Belt: An Icon Of The Global War On Terror - Task & Purpose

Pacific Combat Program

Allied advance on Bapaume, France, ca. 1917. Two tanks are moving towards the left, followed by troops. In the foreground some soldiers are sitting and ...

An American soldier inspects a German Panther tank, c. 1944.

Pfc. Mickey Rooney imitates some Hollywood actors for an audience of Infantrymen of the 44th Division.

Bengal Sappers and Miners repairing the Palel-Tamu Road, Imphal, 1944

Anti-Tank Company

British Mark I tank, apparently painted in camouflage, flanked by infantry soldiers, mules and horses. #. National Library of Scotland

A LCA just launched off HMCS Prince Henry carrying troops towards the Normandy beaches.

Helped by a sergeant, French civilians walking by a tank in Bernières.

American troops aboard French-built Renault FT-17 tanks head for the front line in the Forest of Argonne, France, on September 26, 1918. #

German troops work on a captured British tank. Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

Our founding fathers created a nation in which the people could be in control of their own lives, not ruled by a tyrant monarchy across the sea.

A captured Tiger tank stands alongside a Sherman tank with the 4th Armored Brigade. The size and weight of the Tiger proved as much a hindrance as a help.

The M28/M29 Davy Crockett Nuclear Weapon System

Infantry and Tanks Advancing on Field · National Museum of American History

A U.S. Marine shakes hand with Afghan National Army soldiers.

In this undated file photo, a British tank uproots a large tree before the advance of the tank battle at Cambria during World War I. The tank saw its ...

The British Army claim the first tank-like vehicle ever produced, nicknamed Little Willie, in 1915.

A photograph from 1914-15 of British troops leaving a shallow trench built up with

An inside look at the military section at the National Museum of African American History in

A tank crew from the 8th (King's Royal Irish) Hussars make a meal during

Barber Shop and First Aid Station of the Red Cross at Essey · National Museum of American History

Thanks for What Service?

The result is a chickenhawk nation in which careless spending and strategic folly combine to lure America into endless wars it can't win.

Morning Mess

The German Tiger tank (above) had a more powerful main gun, heavier armor, and wider tracks than the American Sherman tank (below).

British infantry vehicles advancing, Iraq, 1991


World War 2 In Color D Day

British Medium Mark A Whippet tanks advance past the body of a dead soldier, moving to an attack along a road near Achiet-le-Petit, France, on August 22, ...

Harry L. Fox (center), a technical sergeant in the U.S. Army during World War II, stands with fellow soldiers in Europe in 1945, following the war.

Nurses of a field hospital ...

1st Hussars tanks and men of the 7th Infantry Brigade landing on a crowded beach at

Captain George Matthews Harding, ca. 1918. Courtesy of the National Archives.

Americans setting up a French 37mm gun known as a "one-pounder" on the parapet of a second-line trench at Dieffmattch, Alsace, France, where their command, ...

National Army Museum

Operation Barbarossa

Remembering D-Day, 66 years ago

Take A Closer Look: America Goes to War | The National WWII Museum | New Orleans

“Oh, man. Being from over here in – from Mexican descent, you know – I had to get used to the food. You know how it is, I ate tortillas.

Prox Dynamics microdrones

source: US Army

10th Gurkha Rifles clearing enemy positions on 'Scraggy' hill during the Japanese drive towards

Harris released a report on how sub-Saharan Africa directly affects U.S. national interests with respect to combating transnational threats; advancing ...

'It must not be forgotten that though the cards were stacked against the American tank, it defeated the enemy and gained the desired ground,' Irzyk wrote.


An Explainer On How The Trump Administration Just Changed US Policy Toward Iran

Carençant © Thierry Houyel

The ...

The son of Mexican immigrants, Raul Treto was born in Harlingen, Texas on November 4, 1921. He graduated from Harlingen High School in 1941 and immediately ...

Persons of Japanese ancestry arrive at the Santa Anita Assembly Center from San Pedro.

U.S. soldiers in trench putting on gas masks. Behind them, a signal rocket appears to be in mid-launch. When gas attacks were detected, alarms used included ...

Not only will visitors here have multiple opportunities to visit these, they will also catch a rare glimpse of the exposed North American and Eurasian ...

Panzer Division advance

Armoured car in Cyprus, 1950s