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All Five Monsters Cereals Will Be Brought Back For Halloween

All Five Monsters Cereals Will Be Brought Back For Halloween


For the 2013 Halloween season, General Mills is going to bring back all five of their Monster Cereals –Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Boo Berry, ...


All 5 Monster cereals will be back for Halloween this year

Retro Monster Cereal Boxes Available Exclusively at Target During the 2013 Halloween Season! [click to enlarge]

When I was a kid, Monster Cereals were available everyday of the year! I would sit and eat Boo Berry day and night till it was gone. There were five ...

Just in time for your Saturday morning cartoons, a collection of five Monster cereals with original and new covers. [1200x797] - Imgur

All Five of the Exclusive Retro Monster Cereal Boxes from Target! [click to enlarge]

Count Chocula (Target Exclusive Box)

Fruit Brute And Fruity Yummy Mummy Are Back! Plus, All Five Monster Cereals Are Getting Retro Packaging!

Monster Crunch time! Learn about the board game and puzzle featuring our Monster Cereals: http://bit.ly/2LMB3su #monstercereals #booberry #countchocula ...

... Fruity Yummy Mummy Halloween Monster Breakfast Cereal by General Mills 2013 | by JeepersMedia

Amazon.com: All 5 Monster Cereals in Retro Boxes Plus Monster Bash Magazine. Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Boo-berry, Yummy Mummy, Frute Brute: Cold ...

If you've been rejoicing all September that General Mills reissued all five cult favorite monster cereals in their vintage boxes just in time for Halloween ...

All Five Monsters Cereals Will Be Brought Back For Halloween

... General Mills - Count Chocula - Target Exclusive retro cereal box - Halloween 2013 | by

Shop all Monster Cereal

3. Fruit Brute

Monsters Cereals

No time for a cheesy opening line: the monster cereal mask boxes are here! I can't possibly mask my excitement!

The Return of Yummy Mummy (Target Exclusive Box)

Monster Cereals (2017)

Cereal Monsters

The ultimate guide to Monster Cereals. “

Halloween Cereal Packaging: Monster Cereals, Originals

fruit frute brute cereal commercial wolf screen

New for Halloween 2018 Monster Cereal mascots board game featuring Count Chocula, Franken-Berry, Boo Berry and more!

Monster Cereals Game & Puzzle

count-chocula boo-berry ...

I liked the silly games for kids to play. If you want to add some Halloween to the everyday, just pick up a box of Monster Cereal.

Boo Berry (1973) & Monster Cereals

Halloween Cereal Packaging: Monster Cereals Card Game

Details about RICE KRISPIES TREATS HAUNTED HOUSE KIT W/ MOLD Halloween treat monster xmas NEW

#TBT Monster Cereals introduced Fruity Yummy Mummy in 1988. It was a fruit flavor frosted cereal with vanilla flavor marshmallows. http://bit.ly/2hD9SBM ...

Count Chocula, Boo Berry, Franken Berry, Fruit Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy. Now that I brought your childhood back to you, checking out Monster Crunch is a ...

All Five Halloween Monster Cereals To Be Released by General Mills

Shop all Monster Cereal

monster cereals

... Frute Brute Halloween Werewolf Monster Breakfast Cereal by General Mills Cereals 2012 | by JeepersMedia

20 '90s Cereals You Completely Forgot About, From Hidden Treasures To Waffle Crisp

So far, I've found this card game involving all 5 cereal monsters, ...

This is the first time that all FIVE of the Monster Cereals have been available at the same time. Plus, if you purchase THREE Monster Cereals by Halloween ...

#RetroMonsterCereal Brings Back Childhood Memories this Halloween

In 1971, General Mills conjured up two monsters who would forever impact children whom enjoyed not only sugary sweet cereals, but represented harmless ...

The return of Frute Brute and Yummy Mummy Cereal

Amazon.com: Monster Cereal, Booberry, 9.6-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 4): Cold Breakfast Cereals

I haven't had these cereals since I was a kid and, of course, the retro packaging meant they looked the same as when I last had them!



Big G Monsters Cereals and Snacks - #PlatefullCoOp #retromonstercereal Review

When I was at the Fairfield Target, the dude said when the Back To School

The Return of Fruit Brute (Target Exclusive Box)

Must try! monsters2013 Yummy Mummy


Monster Cereals Head To ...


fruit brute and yummy mummy

Amazon. Still the best cereal to ...

The Retro Monster cereal and snack collection are perfect for nostalgic cereal fans and Halloween lovers. They're fun for the whole family and are sure to ...


Over the years, the novelty of our Monster Cereal friends have spawned many collectibles. Just like the cereals themselves, these nifty novelties disappear ...

Halloween treat general mills monster cereal General Mills is re-releasing all five Monster cereals for the first time - Count Chocula, Frankenberry, ...

Nestle Tollhouse Monster Munch Halloween Cookie Dough

As soon as I opened the bag of the Apple Jacks I got the smell of apples and cinnamon, two of my favorite smells. I poured a bowl and hit it with ...


Halloween monsters boo berry cereal box pop culture fridge magnet #5

Care For Some More Wine?: 700-Year Old Poison Ring

The boxes are now haunting your local cereal aisle at Target stores. So go out and get a box or five and enjoy them till Halloween.

All the Monster Cereals together. These were fun! Maybe I'll revisit them again next October. #horror #halloween #artpic.twitter.com/dVLijNOSqE

Retro monster cereal Halloween

count-chocula boo-berry franken-berry


Every year, I do just that very thing.

The ultimate guide to Monster Cereals. “

Check out a few images from the book below!

Halloween Machine 2016 Special

Sure, Post may still offer its Waffle Crisp on shelves, but when it comes to waffle-themed spoonfuls, nothing compares to Ralston's Waffelos. The texture ...

Monster Cereal Mascots

Category: Halloween. Retro Monster Cereals ...

Fruity Pebbles - 3 different boxes - Also what's left of the General Mills Monster Cereal

20 '90s Cereals You Completely Forgot About, From Hidden Treasures To Waffle Crisp

Exclusive Target Halloween candies

Halloween activities for kids

Monster Cereals History Mashup General Mills Halloween Cereal: General Mills Fruity Yummy Mummy Cereal And Frute Brute

Monster Cereals Monster Cereals

2014 Count Chocula Cereal Box

Here's a look at the monster trivia on the side of all five boxes.

Not sure that I would have been caught dead in a “I'm a Smurf Superstar” T-shirt back then, but I'm sure there were plenty who sent in for this “Smurfy ...

franken berry halloween cereal with monster marshmallows 2 pack

Above is a print ad from an October 1988 issue of some random magazine. Homemade Chex Mix is traditionally more of a winter thing, but thanks to this recipe ...

Amazon.com: Franken Berry Monster Cereal 9.6 oz Box: Cold Breakfast Cereals

Cereal Killers

Since I love Halloween and Monster Cereals, and since fruit rolls make up approximately 30% of my diet, it makes sense that I'd finally get around to trying ...

vegan halloween. 5.