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Acoustic cellsorting chip may lead to cell phonesized medical labs

Acoustic cellsorting chip may lead to cell phonesized medical labs


Acoustic cell-sorting chip may lead to cell phone-sized medical labs

reusable acoustic tweezer

Flexing Nano-muscles

A major milestone in microfluidics could soon lead to stand-alone, self-powered chips that can diagnose diseases within minutes.

Cost-effective, high-performance micropumps for lab-on-a-chip disease diagnosis

'Lab on a Chip' Devices Brought Closer to Reality By Acoustic Cell-sorting Technique

Smart protein molecules that can reprogram white blood cells to better fight cancer and infectious diseases

Colouring in Crisis

Solar panels as inexpensive as paint? It's possible

Wave number–spiral acoustic tweezers for dynamic and reconfigurable manipulation of particles and cells

Microfluidics Lab School Of Engineering, Applied Science, Medical Design, Harvard, Research,

Sound waves to help develop 'lab on a chip' device

Wave number–spiral acoustic tweezers for dynamic and reconfigurable manipulation of particles and cells

Engineers hid a microscopic warning deep within an Infineon chip.

Perovskite posits answer to xenon riddle

Microfluidic devices gently rotate small organisms and cells

Ez Battery Reconditioning Guide #BatteryReconditioningYoutube #ReconditionOldBatteries

Jet Lab

Tony Jun Huang

Wave number–spiral acoustic tweezers for dynamic and reconfigurable manipulation of particles and cells

October 3, 2012

Researchers have shown that it is possible to train artificial neural networks directly on an optical chip. The significant breakthrough demonstrates that ...

Using sound to print

From the journal:

Over the 100-year history of modern neuroscience, the way we think about the brain has evolved with the sophistication of the techniques available to study ...

Rapid, accurate genetic sequencing soon may be within reach of every doctor's office if recent research from the National Institute of Standards and ...

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SEM {scanning electron microscope} of a single red blood cell on the tip of a needle.

Organs on Chips | The Scientist Magazine® 3d Printed Heart, Health Trends, Harvard

In order to create new nanomaterial technologies such as next-generation lighting, fundamental challenges underpinning the science and engineering of ...

Wave number–spiral acoustic tweezers for dynamic and reconfigurable manipulation of particles and cells

Neural Stem Cells Regenerate Axons in Severe Spinal Cord Injury | Medical Engineering = MEDINEERING |

Sensor Uses Any Bodily Fluid for Glucose Testing

end portion of cell separation

Scientists 'Bend' Acoustic and Elastic Waves With New Metamaterials that Could Have Commercial Applications

These thin coatings, which cause solar cells to appear blue, maximize how much sunlight is absorbed and reduce surface defects that can lower performance.

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A cancer treatment that goes further.

Guardant to pick up epigenome gumshoe Bellwether Bio

Microfluidic Chip Takes Blood Cells Through a Labyrinth to Pick Out CTCs Blood Cells, Life

performance enhancementSharp Develops Concentrator Solar Cell with World's Highest Conversion Efficiency of 43.5%

Wave number–spiral acoustic tweezers for dynamic and reconfigurable manipulation of particles and cells

Rice University making reliable 3-D memories from silicon oxide and graphene.

... cells in the body. It has the potential to offer a safe and effective new tool for cancer researchers, clinicians, and patients,” Dr. Subra Suresh says.

Cost-effective, high-performance micropumps for lab-on-a-chip disease diagnosis

St. Jude Medical Announces First Implant of Portico Transcatheter Heart Valve

EESL Overview

Sound waves precisely position nanowires

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FDA chief calls for release of all medical device report data

Image result for heart on a chip Chips, Family Guy, Fries, French Fries

Cotton thread to monitor athletes dehydration

Liquid Metal Enables Non-mechanical Pump

A current focus in global health research is to make medical tests that are not just cheap, but virtually free. One such strategy is to start with paper ...

Could Alzheimer's Disease Be Diagnosed With a Simple Blood Test?

Ile aux Cochons king penguin colony in 1982 CREDIT: HENRY WEIMERSKIRCH. “

Civil Services Mentor Dec2012 | Environmental Impact Assessment | Newspapers


medicineIBM Watson system referencing a complete indexed and annotated whole lifetime video records to try to pass the Turing Test

This image shows the beginning of separation stream separating cancer cells from red blood cells in the tilted-angle standing surface acoustic wave-based ...


Microfluidic Chip Mimics Smallest Capillaries to Study How Drugs Affect the Mechanics of Cells Medical Design

Future of Salt and Sugar Is Being Engineered in a PepsiCo Lab SCIENCE KNOWLEDGE: The

Overview of Penn State's Institutes of Energy and the Environment

Nanomotors are controlled, for the first time, inside living cells

Mechanisch extrem verspannte Silizium-Nanodrähte sind eine mögliche Grundlage für effizientere Transistoren.

How the body uses vitamin B to recognise bacterial infection.

EKSO BIONICS DELIVERS FIRST “EKSO” EXOSKELETON | Ekso Bionics Blog | Medical Engineering =

Better and Better (film)

PowerWINDows aims to rethink the wind turbine

DIY Compost Barrel Tumbler

Roll up: Plastic RFID tags printed with a roll-to-roll process could replace barcodes if developers can get the price down to a penny or less.

Adam Arkin and researchers

bubble and light beam illustration

Houston, TX (Scicasts) - Cancer is usually attributed to faulty genes, but

... that lays the foundations for the future development of new therapies against aging. The device consists of nanoparticles that can selectively release ...


Automated Medical Implant Manufacturing Process Blends Technologies | EMDT - European Medical Device Technology

Nobel bailout? European Union wins 2012 Peace Prize

Growth Factor Essential to the Most Common Malignant Paediatric Brain Tumour Identified

genes found in Salmonella

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New metamaterials device focuses sound waves like a camera lens

Controlling graphene nanopores may reduce the cost of sequencing DNA

EOS and IMDS Join Forces to Create Breakthrough Medical Products

Amazing Microfluidic Chip Emulates Living Organs and Tissues. Conditioner Blood

French bees make green and blue honey after M&M's feast

a molecular-sized pore in a graphene membrane. Graphene Membranes May Lead ...

The President's Report on Philanthropy and Endowments (2014–2015)

I can't imagine how sports would be in the the moon. I guess it'd be slow motion 100-meters or flying gladiators with lasers. Either way, I want to watch ...