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According to Koko the signlanguagecommunicating gorilla her pet

According to Koko the signlanguagecommunicating gorilla her pet


According to Koko, the sign-language-communicating gorilla, her pet kitten once ripped a sink out of a wall.

When Koko died in her sleep in California on June 19, people throughout the world immediately began mourning the gorilla.Koko was a charmer and undeniably ...

Gorilla uses sign language to tell Miami Zoo goers not to feed it | Daily Mail Online

Koko the Gorilla Mourns Actor Robin Williams

My heart breaks over the death of Hanabiko (Fireworks Child), most well known

The gorilla grabs a cheeky bite of the orange when he thinks his trainer isn'

Koko's ...

Kanzi the bonobo is quite the musician

Koko mourns her friend

#Koko, the western lowland gorilla that died in her sleep Tuesday at age 46

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The Silverback Mountain Gorilla. Sharing 98% of our DNA, they are one of

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Disney Animal Kingdom Walt Disney World Silver Back Gorilla #usa #disney #disneyworld #

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Pin by Brendan Hughes on Interesting Trivia | Plant leaves, Plants, Garden

here is ethan's gorilla prank on gray 🦍 grayson's reaction is priceless tho 😂🤪 enjoy


Cosplay with my Nanna @applebyjacob #planetoftheapes #warfortheplanetoftheapescosplay #warfortheplanetoftheapes #planetoftheapescosplay #gorrilla

Hanabiko "Koko" July 4, 1971-June 19, 2018 Koko was known

Not Mimi and Ebby- I have no pictures of them together because. Ebby is too scared to come out from under the bed. Dipshit!

Example of the gorillas' compound sign inventions. #hanabiko #kokothegorilla #kokoandthegorillafoundation #

Another view .. as its settled. . Have a kick humpday everyone Wednesday Wednesday

"Mission Specialist Skeeter here. I am stepping off the lander platform now. The surface is loose and granular, perfect for liquid and solid waste disposal.

Koko the cat. #kokothecat #amalakoko #hanabiko #cats @chakarapena

In 1908, the local British administrator was so unnerved by its equipoise, and so

Actual autographed publicity-shot of Felicitte, the. French astro-cat

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Day 25: Silverback gorilla😍 #likeforlikes #followforfollowback #photooftheday #inspirationalquotes #travelphotography

I would totally take his class...just saying. #funny #animals

"Can I haz a tiny nom of wheeeat?" "No. But I can haz juicy mousie, nom nom nom!"

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Watch out, you moussesss! Pangur Ban is in da houssssse!

Rocky The Frenchy 🦍🐃🦏🐾 - Puppies available April 14 - @rocky_the_frenchy_atat #

Real excited to be working on these beautifuly sculpted an unique figures for @ulfsarkgamesuk new

Trivia, Wicked, John Wick, Fictional Characters, Quizes, Fantasy Characters, Witches

As for killing children in their sleep, the theory was that cats would crouch on a child's chest at night and steal their breath, thus killing the hapless ...

Really enjoying painting these minis for @ulfsarkgamesuk new Kickstarter game Taiyo Dynasties! 🤙 Some

Silverback Gorilla..impressive on a roller door #silverbackgorilla #gorrilla #endangeredspecies #

Rest in peace sweet heart. I'm heartbroken.... Still remember

Having fun painting the great sculpt on this Taiyo Dynasties Goru Warrior, going for a

No! I will NEVER be tamed! I will not be... wait, is that cream? I like cream. Hmm... but No! I must not... ooo, is that fish? Prrr..

See Barry Run #flash #theflash #gorrilla #gorillagrodd #ingroddwetrust #flashtv #


Rp @tom_woodruffjr with this badass animatronic gorilla, love the exposed mouth! @sfxatlas

The Imperial Army marches ourlt to take on any rivals to its power. Check out

"Koko" (Hanabiko July 4th 1971, San Francisco Zoo) died last tuesday. "

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Ego sum: Fera pessima bestia formidetur!

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He hecho un trabajo para clase sobre las @guerrillagirls unas tías bastante cañeras que llevan

Nim Chimpsky Cover Art

In this, my 41st posting to the blogosphere, I thought it would be fun to write about cats and how long they have been sponging-off of humans.

Someone D.M me a picture of a muscular gorilla 😂 .

And when the lookout sighted land, the Natives came to meet 'em, (The crew was armed up to their teeth in case they tried to eat 'em!)

Listen to the CD Baby Music Discovery Podcast

315 for 4 on incline! Idk where the strength came from I was only planning

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Interviewing filmmaker Isaac Artenstein about Jewish history in San Diego on @KPBS in an upcoming documentary, “To The Ends of the Earth: A Portrait of ...

¿Y si esta vida es pa' practicar, gozar, aprender y permitirnos sentir

Nothing clears the mind like a long day of battling Gorillas! 🦍🦍 #pitchblackfightsports

My victory over these infidel unbelievers is made all the more complete by using my wind-up horse chariot to smash the city's idols! Mwa-ha-ha!

The Chimp That Learned Sign Language

Too much sacred, not enough profane.

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🍃Feliz cumpleańos hermano @rayray15pr , Que Dios te llene de muchas bendiciones y mucha

Ok, there's Fred, Jacquie, Wanda, Billy, your Mom and some random dude, but WTF, who is that HUGE guy-thing on the right?!?

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This gone be my go to #legalizeit #420 #bong #bongs #bigbongs

According to Koko, the sign-language-communicating gorilla, her pet kitten once ripped a sink out of a wall. | Interesting Trivia | Gorilla sign language, ...

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I don't follow rules and they don't like that 🖕🏼 I

But beg your pardon, no pardons needed here, thank you. Oh yes, I will have another crumpet!

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He's stuffed. That's because he wouldn't sit still for his portrait.

Kigali, Rwanda: Cleanest city in Africa, top tourist destination in the world.

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To be fair, it looked a whole lot better back when I had a job

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Today on View from the Podium, a reprint --without permission --of that dirty sea-chaunty Salty Dick's song, Colombo, with two added verses composed by me ...

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Three little ships set out to sea, each one a double-decker, The Queen she waved the royal flag; Colombo waved his pecker! Colombo paced upon the deck, ...

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