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God Has Been a Woman Since the Beginning of Time. "

Significant religious sites and sites containing religious artifacts of ancient Indo-Iranian peoples, including

We the people, the Western, the middle Western, the Middle Eastern, and the Eastern, should work together to solve problems that are facing humanity like ...

Are religious doctrinal differences primarily responsible for stoking intercommunal fear and hatred? What roles have state, sub-state and transnational ...

... cultures that survived into the 9th century, and horizontal black stripes across the cultures that were conquered, enslaved, dispersed, or exterminated:

Persian Symbols and their meanings


Sohail Daulatzai on Islam, White Supremacy, and the Myth of the Empire of Liberty

Holi Story is Victory of Islam Sanatan Dharma Monotheism over Paganism. It was Lord Rama abraham who was cast into fire By Hiranayakashya in Iraq Babylonia

Legendary Women of Antiquity; Zenobia, Helen of Troy & Cleopatra: Paintings of Ancient History & articles by Howard David Johnson; Great Women of Ancient ...

The True Aryans: Who Were They Really and How Were Their Origins Corrupted?

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Enamoured Western media coverage catapulted 'Crown Prince charming' and other notorious regional human rights abusers into the role of 'modernising ...

What Race Were the Greeks and Romans?, by John Harrison Sims - The Unz Review

Saint Hilary, Arianism & Materialistic Humanism

Middle Eastern Politics & Culture: TODAY & YESTERDAY

Constantine I burning Arian books, illustration from a book of canon law, ca. 825

City of Agartha | Valhalla Project | Mysterious places on earth, Mysterious places, Earth

Image of Syrian refugees at a refugee camp in Turkey [Abdulghani Arian/Anadolu Agency

14 Hollywood Stars That Are Middle Eastern

Book cover of Sites of Pluralism: Community Politics in the Middle East by Firat Oruc

( Public Domain )

We the people, the Western, the middle Western, the Middle Eastern, and the Eastern, should work together to solve problems that are facing humanity like ...

Ted Lapkin

Tunisia's deep structural inequality will take generations to unwind

The MBS tour will raise the cost of securing US interests in the Middle East

The sectarian elements of a conflict. The Middle East ...

There's no such thing as a 'pure' European—or anyone else

Grayling Middle East & Africa Appoint New Leadership to Enhance In-House Design Studio, GCreative

Page 1. Encyclopedia of World Cultures Volume IX AFRICA AND THE MIDDLE EAST

Grayling are pleased to announce the appointment of Sajid Shafique as Design Director for its Middle East creative arm, GCreative

Beyond the Arab Spring - The Evolving Ruling Bargain in the Middle East | Oxford Scholarship

Quo Vadis: Where are the bishops and laity of old?

by Ariana Saraha


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Face the reality of racism in Japan

Ahmed Al-Jufairi

Follow the Author. Ariana Rabinovitch

Everything That Went Down During Night One Of Ariana's World Tour

Alexander the Great

A Syrian kid walks over a muddy road between tents at the Refugee camp in Idlib


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Ariana Grande Is The New Face Of Givenchy Because She's A Strong, Independent Woman

Persian Arts Festival 2018 Flyer

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Alastair Sloan

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Hatshepsut much later in the 18th Dynasty shows how detailed a record the Africans kept of their past and of inner Africa. She mentioned the Ancestors of ...


Unicorn Academy: Ariana and Whisper (Unicorn Academy: Where Magic Happens) Paperback – 4 Apr 2019

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Pakistan is not in Middle-East. It is in South Asia, sharing it's border with India on east, China on north-east, Afghanistan on North-West, ...

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Dubai College of Tourism announces new industry training initiatives

Italy, Ravenna, Arian Baptistry, Mosaic, Baptism of Jesus, 6th Century Giclee Print by | Art.com

'AND THERE WERE GIANTS IN THE EARTH IN THOSE DAYS' - Genesis 6:4 [note how it says IN the earth]

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Israeli forces fire tear gas at Palestinians during the Great March of Return in Gaza on

Blacks (those of Negroid and Caucasoid phenotype), are of course the "Original Humans" and number over 5 billion of the Worlds 8 billion people.

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Sorry European racial “purists,” it turns out your ancestors were African and Middle Eastern

Residence North Africa, Middle East, Egypt Era 3rd and 4th centuries AD Similar People Athanasius of Alexandria, Constantine the Great, Marcion of Sinope, ...

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In One Thousand And One Nights Scheherazade amuses her sultan in the Arabian night heat amidst the sumptuous intimacy of a palace.

Northern Africa. Political/Physical map: regional, elevation.


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The Lost History of Christianity: The Thousand-Year Golden Age of the Church in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia—and How It Died by Philip Jenkins

The True Aryans: Who Were They Really and How Were Their Origins Corrupted? | Ancient Origins

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Iranian Identity, the 'Aryan Race,' and Jake Gyllenhaal - Tehran Bureau | FRONTLINE | PBS

Photo Phil Pasquini.

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Who Are Ariana Grande's Songs on Thank U, Next About?

Myths are generally about what it means to be a hero and to be human. The Star Wars saga heroes, Black Panther, and Wonder Woman differ very little from the ...

Fragment of a Floor Mosaic with a Personification of Ktisis

The Origin Story Of Aladdin Is Far Wilder Than You Know

If you're looking for a troika of tyrants, that country should top your list. - Continue

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Richard Becker refers to a map in his book, Palestine, Israel and the U.S. Empire. (Staff photo P. Pasquini)

Viewpoint: Why don't people talk about their dreams?

During the Middle Ages nearly all the lands of Europe converted to Christianity. In this short guide, we take a look at how various lands adopted ...

Journal of Middle East Women's Studies

The First Fossil Hunters: Dinosaurs, Mammoths, and Myth in Greek and Roman Times: Amazon.co.uk: Adrienne Mayor: 9780691150130: Books

Marc Chagall, Calvary (1912)

For the Achaemenids, there were three types of Scythians: the Sakā tayai paradraya ("beyond the sea", presumably between the Greeks and the Thracians on the ...

The Middle East Journal

In the first few pages of his latest book, Ilan Pappé states, “We need to examine the facts.” He thus not only sets the tone for the coming chapters, ...

06 September 2018, 12.00—'Arab-Israeli conflict: Where to now?' (Center for Middle East ...

Apadana Hall, 5th century BC Achaemenid-era carving of Persian and Median soldiers in traditional costume (Medians are wearing rounded hats and boots), ...

Dale Winton (PA)

Book cover of Digital Middle East : State and Society in the Information Age by Mohamed

Saint George and the dragon[edit]