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A Pied Cormorant catching his dinner Birds of the Fraser Coast

A Pied Cormorant catching his dinner Birds of the Fraser Coast


You can tell, dear reader, when its a quiet birding day. And that I'm down at the Point Cook Coastal Park. When the tide is in, the cormorants, Little Pied ...

Great cormorants - perching and flying

Now, their last stronghold is Tarahiki Island. It's not just them: most shag species are declining, ...

Jason Hosking

Cormorants enjoy living in groups

Double-crested cormorant

Little black cormorant and its beautiful green eye

Nothing upsets this little Pacific Black Duck!

Pied cormorant portrait


Kingfisher Bay Resort And Fraser Island: June: We've Sprung Into Winter Here At Kingfisher Bay

a Pied Wagtail just looked on surveying the scene

Cormorants are amazing swimmers and divers, able to catch fish underwater in their own environment.

Pied Oystercatcher


A double-crested cormorant a moment before it takes flight. (Photo by Rick Lewis)


In New Zealand, little black ...

Phalacrocorax niger in Hyderabad, India

Story Behind the Shot: The cliffs of Grimsey Island, 40 kilometers off the north coast of Iceland, house a large ...

Our Raptors Have Us In Raptures This Month On Fraser Island

Glossy Ibis

1 ...

Magnificent Frigatebird colony in Barbuda

Japanese cormorant fishermen keep alive tradition that belongs to another age | South China Morning Post

A Whistling Kite nest and chick. Photo: Birdway.com.au

Double-crested cormorant

cormorants on the old bridge

1 ...

Pied Shag

Rajah Shelduck

Pale-vented Bush-hen, Mookin-Bah Reserve, 27th Jan 2018

Magnificent Frigatebird; Galapagos Penguin

Posing Cuckoo

B106 Archipelago Heron Metal Outdoor Garden Bird 92cm

1 ...

a Cormorant was explaining to the G.Heron just how big the Eel was that it had caught earlier .

The local Cormorants are known to be quite cheeky and will even try and steal some of the fish set aside for the nightly dolphin feeding!

» Gulf Coast Birding

Autumn: ...

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VSO Fall Field Trip Announcement: 14-16 September - Field Trip Chincoteague, ...

Digging into a delicious mango - the Lesser Antillean Saltator ( photo© Birding the Islands

Wing-drying behaviour

Birding at the Walvis Bay Lagoon

Black faced Cormorants IMG 2337 copy resized

National park

Mike Hart

Comb-crested jacana. Photo: Shane Allwood. Ipswich Birds


The African Black Oystercatcher is a great ambassador for many other coastal bird species, such as Sanderling, White-fronted Plover, Damara Tern and Kelp ...

... Island in moderate rain, finding 2 more Snowy Owls. The Salt Pannes had Pintail, 15 Gadwall, 2 American Wigeon, Mute Swan and 4 Red-breasted Mergansers.

Double-crested Cormorant

Rufous-collared Kingfisher, a gorgeous forest-dwelling kingfisher

Rainbow bee-eater. Photo: Shane Allwood. Ipswich Birds

25 years later, volunteer recalls cleaning birds, otters caught in Exxon Valdez spill

Birding Brisbane is a monthly magazine about Birds and Birdwatching in the River City

... Island in moderate rain, finding 2 more Snowy Owls. The Salt Pannes had Pintail, 15 Gadwall, 2 American Wigeon, Mute Swan and 4 Red-breasted Mergansers.

... Brazilian Merganser PN Canastra, MG Brazil

The pied cormorant tends to eat its catch in the water, making it easy pickings for crocs. Picture: Kevyn Vossen. “


Squid for Dinner and Offered as Part of the Mating Ritual

This delightful Barbuda Warbler posed well for the camera ( photo© Birding the Islands client

... to catch up with this species. Several White-nosed Coati were also seen scurrying across the road. After dinner, some of us heard a Black-and-white Owl ...

Crested tern and little black cormorant in by the promenade in Newcastle

Black-crowned Night-Heron - Hawaii's strangest feature to me was the lack of

Two Sandwich Terns around Devils Point and this Cormorant which is probably not quite clear cut enough to call sinesis.

Drake Smew


Brown Booby taking flight from Michaelmas Cay

VSO Field Trip Report: 2-4 February 2018 - Outer Banks, ...

carrying catfish

Yellow Eyed Penguin, New Zealand

Great egret. Photo: Shane Allwood

No tours so Pam and I have been catching up on more new arrivals including, Black Tailed Godwit, Whinchat and Blackcap. We also caught up with, ...

Galapagos Penguin ...

Peter Ryan, the director of the FitzPatrick Institute of African Ornithology, Keith Springer, a New Zealand mammal eradication expert, and I departed in ...

Great Skua Peter Howlett 10

Tours in Phillip Island related to Birds

Native Bird Rescue's success rate is around 80 per cent. Unfortunately, this young shag was one of the unlucky ones. Four days after he arrived, ...

Aggressive Black-tailed Godwits (Photo by Peter Banks at Martin Mere, 2018)

... A male snakebird with his catch for the day ...

Little Gull: the 34th record for Fair Isle, a 1CY bird was found feeding off Kroga with the Mediterranean Gull!

The delicate St. Lucia Warbler striking a pose in Des Cartiers

Bird Behaviour Category Winner: Coots fighting. © Andrew Parkinson.

American Kestrel female with prey

Olivaceous Piculet

Florida Birds. East Coast. View Full Slideshow ...

A White-faced Heron

We stopped for coffee and hot chocolate at a roadside cafe downslope from this last stop; the proprietors generously allowed us to eat our picnic lunch ...