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A Passion for Cattle Passed Through the Generations truths

A Passion for Cattle Passed Through the Generations truths


Do you love cows, too? Are you passing that love of cattle down to the next generation?

Contented Cows Still Give Better Milk, Revised and Expanded: The Plain Truth about Employee Engagement and Your Bottom Line: Bill Catlette, Richard Hadden: ...

Contented Cows Still Give Better Milk, Revised and Expanded: The Plain Truth about Employee Engagement and Your Bottom Line: Bill Catlette, Richard Hadden: ...

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If you look at our cows the first thing you will notice is that they do not LOOK like dairy cows. They are healthy with shiny coats, bright eyes, ...

The longest dosing interval with a 14 day withhold period = Reduced handling and potential for higher daily live weight gain.

Contented Cows Moove Faster

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Cowed: The Hidden Impact of 93 Million Cows on America's Health, Economy, Politics, Culture, and Environment 1st Edition

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10 Reasons Showing Livestock is “Worth It”

Show Steers, Beef Cattle,

A newly proposed bill would require COOL placards for beef and pork sold in Montana, and supporters want to see the return of a national policy.

All grazing cattle are exposed to gut worms and consequently can suffer production losses; younger cattle are most at risk of disease until they acquire ...

Renee King-Sonnen, used with permission.

It's since grown to a herd of 150 cows, and Strebel hopes to one day pass the business on ...

Love working in the middle of cow pastures!!


2018 Royal Winter Fair Grand Champion, Jacobs Windbrook Aimo, Passes. By Andrew Hunt

The battle for the soul of British milk

Juliette Tompkins

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Cattle ranch branding in Northern California working ranch | boxwoodavenue.com

News :: The Bullvine - The Dairy Information You Want To Know When You Need It

5 More Life Lessons from the Cows

buy the cow photo

by Lura Roti for SDFU

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where find butter grassfed cows pasture


Taking care of the land our cattle graze on, the water that our cattle drink

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Industrial farming is one of the worst crimes in history | Books | The Guardian

Ezra Klein and ...

Not only does this rapidly growing grass have a low magnesium content, but it also contains high levels of potassium and nitrogen which can reduce

Cowed: The Hidden Impact of 93 Million Cows on America's Health, Economy, Politics, Culture, and Environment: Denis Hayes, Gail Boyer Hayes: 9780393239942: ...

Beyond Beef: The Rise and Fall of the Cattle Culture

Jersey dairy farms are folding at an alarming rate. From a peak of over 500, there are now just 47. Among other factors, it costs more to produce milk than ...

Cattle branding working grass-fed beef ranch in northern California | boxwoodavenue.com

Nearly 37 per cent of Canada's dairy cows are in Quebec, on family farms like Ferme Strebel et fils. Dairy producers say that without supply management, ...

There are many products available to help with the control of parasites; getting the most from their active ingredients is key in ensuring ideal livestock ...

Unthinkable Today, Obvious Tomorrow: The Moral Case for the Abolition of Cruelty to Animals

By Andrew Soergel Senior ReporterApril 4, 2018, at 12:01 a.m.

How Many Stomachs Does A Cow Have?

Eco-fashion's Inconvenient Truth - About ethical clothing and sustainability

Energy is one of the most important nutrients to consider in the ration, and even more so during late pregnancy when extra energy is required for growth of ...

Rendezvous Farms 14th Annual Simmental Bull & Female Sale by Today's Publishing Inc. - issuu

Holstein Desktop Image 3

Since those who rule in the city do so because they own a lot, I suppose they're unwilling to enact laws to prevent young people who've had no discipline ...

A cartoon illustration of Ephelia the cow carrying a football

ILRI research on biotechnology to fight a major disease threat to cattle and people in Africa

From farm to factory, Canadian dairy industry has no time for Trump | CBC News


Meat and fish multinationals 'jeopardising Paris climate goals'

By Garth Ruff, Extension Educator, Agriculture and Natural Resources, Ohio State University Extension, Henry County

Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014) - Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret (2014) - User Reviews - IMDb

(Photo: Courtesy of Julie Ellingson)

Breeding Matters

Check out our Japanese Wagyu Infographic which neatly summarizes the facts about Japanese Wagyu.

Cow Shepherd: a new label for dairy farmers

The National Milk Producers Federation is pointing out some key facts about U.S. dairy in observance of National Dairy Month in June.

Veganism is not the key to sustainable development – natural resources are vital. Lives and livelihoods the world over hinge on livestock ...

Of course, if we can help minimise grazing disturbance in the first place, this gives cattle and sheep the best chance of sustaining performance on spring ...

Founded on the love of livestock and passion for helping small businesses develop successful, effective marketing strategy to market their brand.

The Morning Star ship in 1854

That's a latte milk. Every year, Starbucks uses enough milk to fill 155 Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Renee King-Sonnen, used with permission.

We want to promote agriculture as a career by supporting students who have the same passion

Those White Piles with Tires on Dairies · What happens to the Male Calves

Blue Grass Stockyards horse riders sorting cattle on a sale day.

Supreme Triple Strategy *RC (EX-91-5E Switzerland) Born April 16

A Florida-based animal welfare group released disturbing footage Tuesday of animal abuse at Fair Oaks Farms, located in northwest Indiana.

Cattle battle goes to federal court

Cows are sacred to Hindus. Cow-protection mobs have killed at least 46 people

Cattle raised for beef

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Don't give antibiotics to livestock unless they have a bacterial disease. And never put antibiotics in animal feed on a routine basis (a common practice to ...

All empty plots and grounds in the streets are used to pitch tents for the animals. Photo by: Zoral Khurram

Lambs are born without protection against disease and are reliant on colostrum containing antibodies against pathogens for the transfer of passive immunity.

Also available for download, a simple Holstein Cow image

Becoming a Woman who Remembers

A rare (and prized) albino buffalo. Photo by: Zoral Khurram

Ideal for all year round supplementation, especially for growing cattle, bulling heifers and cows to support optimal performance.

From Making Plastic to Fighting Cavities: 30 Fun Facts About Dairy

vegetarian myth - grazing buffalo

A red tractor in a barn.

Lincoln Red bull takes top spot at Rutland

The Name Game

He was recognized by The Brahman Journal as the #1 Sire of Champions from 2011 to 2018, making him the most winning Brahman sire of ...