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A Breakthrough Technology AI based Motion Capture System RADiCAL

A Breakthrough Technology AI based Motion Capture System RADiCAL


AI based Motion Capture RADiCAL

MMC Ventures MMC Ventures is a research-led venture capital firm that has backed over 60 early-stage, high-growth technology companies since 2000.


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Page 1. WIPO Technology Trends 2019. Artificial Intelligence

Shadow Full Body Motion Capture - YouTube

MobilityXlab added the focus area of AI (artificial intelligence) in mobility and connectivity when inviting new start-ups to the second application period.

Blockchain is here. What's your next move?

Maintaining American leadership in artificial intelligence (AI)

Modern background of connecting lines and dots

What blockchain means for finance

The IBM Watson computer. Photo: AP

I'm Lucas Perry, and today's episode is the second part of our two part series with Rohin Shah, developing an overview of technical AI ...

Artificial intelligence has the potential to radically change not just our careers, but our entire way of life. (Ben Shannon/CBC)

A reincarnation of one of the oldest ideas in artificial intelligence could finally make it possible to truly converse with our computers.

Artificial intelligence is poised to become a transformational force in healthcare. How will providers and patients benefit from the impact of AI-driven ...

Noitom Releases Perception Neuron 2.0 Motion Capture System –


18 Exponential Changes We Can Expect in the Year Ahead - MIT Technology Review

The mind in the machine: Demis Hassabis on artificial intelligence

Crypto anchors, blockchain, unbiased AI and quantum computing are among the technological breakthroughs that will change our lives in the immediate future, ...

Media Contact: AEye, Inc. Jennifer Deitsch, 925-400-4366 jennifer@aeye.ai or. CES Demo Contact: AEye, Inc. Jordan Greene, 925-596-4160

Coded Trailer

ai based crowd population Motion Capture, Revolutionaries, Crowd, Characters, Design

Revolutionary Medical Advances through AI Medical Diagnosis. The Growing Challenges

Apple's Siri is a form of AI many of us interact with everyday

Last year, my brother, then an employee at Silicon Valley-based tech company Nvidia, declared that all the AI and deep learning that is happening in ...

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The Dangers Of Government-Funded Artificial Intelligence – Analysis

anima alive interface Motion Capture, Crowd, Characters, Design

Credit: Robert Hickerson for Tom's Guide

Next-Generation Compute Architectures Enabling Artificial Intelligence—Part II of II

With massive amounts of computational power, machines can now recognize objects and translate speech in real time. Artificial intelligence is finally ...

ML — one of the first examples of an AI-powered tool for “Augmented Creativity”

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Join over 600 attendees in Westminster as Tech Nation teams up with Bloomberg and the UK Government for London Tech Week's biggest and best technology ...

Foundry Athera: Manage Your Entire VFX / Post Production Pipeline in SaaS based Google Cloud Platform, Cloud Computing Technology

Lip-reading artificial intelligence could help the deaf—or spies

IMMERSION: India's 1st AR/VR Film Festival, Conference and ThinkFest

Chess and Go were originally developed to mimic warfare, but they do a bad job of it. War and most other competitions generally involve more than one ...

Motobot is a great project with a great team of passionate engineers. They are breaking ground on many meaningful autonomous and robotics technologies.

Cognitive technologies in the technology sector From science fiction vision to real-world value

Multi-person tracking presents several challenges to computers ¿ and, hand detection is even

artificial intelligence

18 Exponential Changes We Can Expect in the Year Ahead

Challengers Trailer

Lucas: Hey everyone, welcome back to the AI Alignment podcast. I'm Lucas Perry, and today we'll be speaking with Rohin Shah. This episode is the first ...

Facial Animation Technology, Market Analysis. “Cubic Motion's breakthrough ...


What ICOs mean for corporate venturing

AXYZ design: anima (Crowd Simulation) and Metropoly (Motion Capture)

A.I. technology could lead to major medical breakthroughs — but will it cost thousands of hospital workers their jobs?

Cognitive technologies in the technology sector


The US Army's electronic warfare programme, the future of communications in the field, new rifle techology, how to take down malicious drones, and more.

“The thing that makes Deep Mind unique is that Deep Mind is absolutely focused on creating digital super intelligence. An AI ...

Exclusive webinar on 360 videos for VR: Camera technologies and how to stitch 360 degree videos

Technology and Inequality

Streaming Media

The second is an 8-bit precision technique for an analog chip — the highest of its kind to date, IBM claims — that roughly doubles accuracy.

Quantum computers: Prospect of faster, more powerful machines a step closer after 'game-changing' breakthrough | The Independent

18 technology predictions for 2018

Artificial Intelligence and International Affairs

Built by creative agency Redpepper, There's Waldo zeroes in and finds Waldo with a sniper-like accuracy. The metal robotic arm is Raspberry Pi-controlled ...

The future of AI needs hardware accelerators based on analog memory devices

Briefing: Artificial intelligence

Sophie-Charlotte Fischer and Andreas Wenger propose a hub for AI research in Switzerland committed to the responsible development of the new technologies.

The United Kingdom Science Park Association magazine | Issue 4 | Spring 2018. BREAKTHROUGH ...

“That's why people who understand superintelligent AI call it the last invention we'll ever make — the last challenge we'll ever face.

Artificial Intelligence: the doctors Chinese patients can't beat up | South China Morning Post

... with AI-aided design and curation, rather than doing this for themselves. It's a radical shift. In a recent Keynote I summarised this shift as follows.

Welcome back to the AI Alignment Podcast. I'm Lucas Perry, and today we'll be speaking with Geoffrey Irving about AI safety via Debate.

... Radical extensively explores this emerging tech trend The impact of the Internet of Things image. '

What are the biggest changes in the modern animation that have occurred during the last couple of years? How did animation change during the time you've ...

Experts Are Tracking the Evolving Role of AI in Call Management

Sentient, self-aware robots are closer to becoming a reality than you think. Developing computer systems that equal or exceed human intelligence is the crux ...

Created by a team of Stanford psychologists and AI experts, Woebot uses conversations, curated videos, mood tracking, and word games to support mental ...

On the contrary, what they're probably doing is programming their early systems with a very simple, reductionist goal … just 'get the AI to work.

Watch: IKinema's HTC Vive Powered Full Body Motion Capture System is Impressive

The primary goals of AI include deduction and reasoning, knowledge representation, planning, natural language processing (NLP), learning, perception, ...

VR Hackathon by Digital Domain India: The Virtual Reality Competition

FinTech Is Merging with IoT and AI to Challenge Banks: How Entrenched Interests Can Prepare | The Journal of Alternative Investments

Book Cover of Dr. Lance Eliot - Disruptive Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Driverless

Navigating a shifting landscape Capturing value in the evolving mobility ecosystem

... be placed in bodies of water to monitor plankton in situ, identifying different species and tracking their movement in three dimensions. The findings ...

This is the new edition of Sony Aibo, which will be bundled with three years of Sony's AI Cloud service.