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8 Harness advancing point twill 6 harnesses with twill 2

8 Harness advancing point twill 6 harnesses with twill 2


8 Harness advancing point twill, 6 harnesses with twill, 2 with plain weave border

8 Harness advancing point twill - 6 harnesses with twill, 2 harnesses with plain weave

8 Harness advancing point twill, 5 up, 4 down

I like it -- and you may too, if you're still reading this! How did I create a parallel threading -- for Echo Weave -- so that there are now two lines ...

So your tie-up allows you to lift every other thread in an ascending twill order. This is the basic idea behind the structures I have been weaving.

How time Flies

Draft for 8-shaft, 2 block, color-and-weave Turned Twill

Echo Weave and extended parallel threadings are the subject of my 2 1/2-day workshop at Convergence 2018 in Reno. The official title is "One Warp, ...

18 2005 Weaving Indiana Guild Project Renegade Ripple by Alice Burr PATTERN NAME 6 harness Straight Twill SOURCE Dictionary of Weaves, page 27 EQUIPMENT ...

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How to Design 8-Shaft Echo Weave Using Fiberworks

Swatch 2

I underestimated how exciting the process of weaving a sampler can be. Some of the tie-up and treadling combinations gave me unexpected results which gave ...

DryadsMoon's Witching hour cowl

20 2005 Weaving Indiana Guild Project Little Ripples by Mary Ann Carpenter PATTERN NAME SOURCE EQUIPMENT 6 harness Point Twill unknown Loom AVL 6 6- harness ...

... Twill at a Break of 5 (40x8); 41.

14 2005 Weaving Indiana Guild Project Curvedcorr by Eleanor Best PATTERN NAME SOURCE 20 harness Point Twill original EQUIPMENT Loom 2-harness Megado ...

A traditional point-twill design known as the Earl on 8 using an Echo threading

Bronson Lace #2

4 shaft hearts?

8-Shaft Undulating Twill. This is draft 219 from Strickler with the threading/treadling reversed to create horizontal waves. #weaving #Twill

If you look at the first square in the upper-right-hand corner of the design line, this corresponds to the first five ends of the point-twill in the ...

Diaper weave on 3/3, 3/3 Twill ...

... advancing twill, woven with 8/2 Tencel. Two colors in the warp and 1 in the weft. I love the movement the pattern creates.

color 4/2, fish colors are cottolin DIMENSIONS Off loom 9.75" x 75.75. 9 Twill ...

Undulating Twill Draft Rayon Scarf by sapoague, via Flickr this is why I want an 8-shaft loom

2/ and /2 twill tie-up ( harness twill cannot produce a plain

Off and Running

Drafts for 8-shaft shadow weave cotton sample - Atwater method on left, Powell


... Twill at a break of2; 40. 1 2 3 6 ...


That's a simple twill repeat, rising, with 4 shafts up and 4 shafts down. This means that, for any warp thread and its parallel (for any pair of purple and ...

A satin weave, common for silk, each warp thread floats over 16 weft threads.

8 shaft undulating twill

Swatch 2

Threading the heddles in groups of 8


The idea for these twill block towels came from blogs written by other weavers earlier this year. It seemed there was a trend to see what one could do with ...

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Once the threading through the headings was decided, and going with a simple twill tie up, the next step is to decide the treadling.

More common are the 2/2 and / twills, requiring 4 harnesses and creating. 7 Twill ...

PROFILE DRAFT - 7 blocks


Introduction to Boundweave

I used different colors of 8/2 cotton for the weft. The twill weave is difficult to see the pattern due to the variegated colors.

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12-harness pattern, Ryall pg.364, no.4

1000 (+) Patterns In 4, 6, and 8 Harness Shadow Weaves: Marian Powell: Amazon.com: Books


Here's what the advancing point twill threading above looks like when woven as Echo Weave.

Twills and twill derivatives: Design your own four to eight harnesses: Lucille Landis: Amazon.com: Books

Shadow weave cotton sample woven on 8 shafts - designed with Atwater & Powell methods

A B C; 42. Diamond Twill ...

color 24/2 in two shades of blue sett 0 epi in a 0 dent. 15 Twill ...

Both sides of your cloth can be interesting and so different from each other. If you're excited about something you find on the underside of your cloth, ...

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Handweaving.net Weaving Draft and Documents Archive

It's hard to believe there are 2 colors of 20/2 mercerized cotton in the warp that alternate. And 2 different colors in the warp that alternate.

Image files, full size, are available, 4 to 8 MB each: Plate 1 JPEG Plate 2 JPEG Plate 3 JPEG Plate 4 JPEG Plate 5 JPEG Plate 6 ...

As I began to weave the first towel, it was very clear very quickly that the pattern that worked well with different colors on my sampler got lost in the ...

So here, for my first case of many harness pattern drafting, I present the 8 and 12 harness versions of birka strapwork. Now all I need is the loom to weave ...

... Plate 6 JPEG Plate 7 JPEG Plate 8 JPEG Plate 9 JPEG . Posted September 12, 2002. CD (CWDA04). SAMPLE PAGE. Part 1: File size 5 MB PDF. Part 2: File size ...

image 0; image 1; image 2 ...

vertical twill stripes and fringe at bottom edge

AVL is located in Chico, CA. I like that they are very innovative and continue to create looms with better computers and enhanced features.

So, now I am slowly working up my own drafts for eight harnesses. I have never worked with echo weave before, nor have I worked with network drafting.


Weaving PatternsLoomWeavingLoom ... Draft 2 - Parallel Threading Reshuffled & Networked Treadling

The design resided in the tie-up and the treadling draft followed an undulating twill. To wit:

... Twill; 29.

Twills and twill derivatives: Design your own four to eight harnesses: Lucille Landis: Amazon.com: Books

16 2005 Weaving Indiana Guild Project Plain/Twill Bands by Mary Burks PATTERN NAME SOURCE Plain weave and twill traditional EQUIPMENT Loom 4- harness ...

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Both sides of your cloth can be interesting and so different from each other. If you're excited about something you find on the underside of your cloth, ...

The 8 harness twill floats show off the warp colors. A magenta tencel was used in the weft.

... loom is a Fanny counterbalance. blablabla technical stuff which leads me to get under the loom and change the way it was tied up to create a nice twill.


-which was based on the thread/pattern repeat counts at the higher end of the finer fabrics found from the period (gaps between repeats are still there ...

Developing these was actually an interesting exercise in Escherian tilings; you have an 8×8 (or 12×12) grid that's tiled horizontally and vertically, ...

8 Harness Profile Drafting & Tie Up

Shadow Weave #4 draft

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Twill weave: Threading draft

Weaving pattern cards used by Skye Weavers, Isle of Skye, Scotland

... 6 7 8 9 10 11 12; 36. Herring bone Twill ...

Towels #4, 5, 6. 12-harness, Ryall. pg. 363, no.4. Upper: peach weft. Middle: stone weft. Lower: peach, stone and molasses check

Scarf #2, woven with ming blue 8/2 tencel weft

Handwoven Table Linens: 27 Fabulous Projects from a Master Weaver: Tom Knisely: 9780811716178: Amazon.com: Books

3: Drafts & Samples: Upholstery 4-H point twill; coat fabric in

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Weaving with New Millenium Fibers

A 12 shaft twill, fabric for more towels. Unmercerized cotton is used since it is has greater absorbency than mercerized cotton.

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Figure 1: Schematic diagram of a weaving loom

Wrap Ikat Backstrap Loom