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7 Fascinating PEOPLE Ilhan Omar images in 2019

7 Fascinating PEOPLE Ilhan Omar images in 2019



Ilhan Omar declares "love for America" in response to Trump's tweet

Attacks on Ilhan Omar seek to derail an acknowledgment of Palestinian suffering


Ilhan Omar Stirs the Hornet's Nest Again With Criticisms of Barack Obama

Muslim congresswoman Ilhan Omar sees spike in death threats after Trump's 9/11 tweet

Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar says she's received more death threats since President Trump's ...

Ilhan Omar listens during a news conference on prescription drugs, Jan

Ilhan Omar Wonders Why She's Living Rent-Free in Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's Head

In this file photo, U.S. Rep Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., speaks

elect Ilhan Omar, with House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California, right, speaks about the party's legislative priorities when Democrats assume the ...

'We saw this playbook in Iraq': Ilhan Omar shoots back at VP Pence in socialism spat

Ilhan Omar Blames Trump for New Zealand Massacre During CAIR Fundraiser While Hundreds Protest Outside

Ilhan Omar: Evil in the House

Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib Don't Surprise Young Muslim

A portrait of Minnesota House Representative Ilhan Omar.

Ilhan Omar. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Ilhan Omar at CAIR speech tells Muslims to 'raise hell'

Obama was a smiling murderer, says Ilhan Omar… then tries to backtrack

Exclusive: Ilhan Omar Speaks Out on Her Twitter Scandal, Anti-Semitism, and a Progressive Foreign Policy

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar's Political Baptism by Fire in Crazy Town

Ilhan Omar says Trump's anti-Islam remarks inspire attacks like New Zealand shooting

Ilhan Omar encountered protesters Saturday outside at a California fundraising event for an advocacy group representing

Meghan McCain and Seth Meyers spar over Rep. Ilhan Omar comments

Ilhan Omar just received career-ending news that she didn't want to hear

Ilhan Omar mocks pro-Israel protesters in speech - American Politics - Jerusalem Post

Ilhan Omar Says She 'Chuckles' When Americans Call Israel a Democracy

New Documentary 'Time for Ilhan' on iTunes Explores Ilhan Omar's Historic Run for Congress

Ilhan Omar calls Jewish White House adviser, Stephen Miller, a 'white nationalist'

Minnesota representative Ilhan Omar.

Ilhan Omar are pictured.

Democrats split over resolution condemning anti-Semitism aimed at newcomer Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar Says “Some People Did Something” On 9/11, May Have Finally Revealed TRUE Colors

A New Documentary 'Time for Ilhan' Follows Ilhan Omar's Historic Run for Congress


Ilhan Omar's CHILLING Message To WHITES

Democrats were trying to 'protect' Rep. Ilhan Omar with broad resolution denouncing hate

Ilhan Omar Links Trump's Rhetoric to Mosque Attacks; 'Fuels Hate Against Muslims'

Radical ...

There Is a Taboo Against Criticizing AIPAC — and Ilhan Omar Just Destroyed It

Ilhan Omar mocks pro-Israel protesters in speech - American Politics - Jerusalem Post

#StandwithIlhan: Social media users defend Ilhan Omar after her forced apology over anti-

Ilhan Omar says Trump's “Islam hates us” stance helped inspire New

Time for Ilhan, Ilhan Omar documentary

Many Americans believe that Muslim women are all victims of Islamic culture, its fundamentalist laws, and that, if given the chance, they would all choose ...

Like clockwork Democrats let Ilhan Omar off the hook then turn the media against Republicans

'Vile anti-Semitic' Ilhan Omar row shows pitfalls of US identity politics — RT USA News

Ilhan Omar: Anti-Semitism? Or Fear of Open Debate on Israel?

Ilhan Omar, who is one of the first Muslim women in Congress, came under

Then candidate for Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar campaigning in front of '#Time4Ilhan'

Fox News Channel Pulls Scheduled Judge Jeanine Pirro Show After Ilhan Omar Controversy

anti-semitism ilhan omar israel

Omar could 'care less' about pro-Israel supporters

A screengrab from the World Vales Network website listing the honorees at Thursday's Seventh Annual Champions

Pelosi restricts Ilhan Omar to just one anti-Jewish tweet per week

Trump calls Democrats the 'anti-Israel" and 'anti-Jewish' party after House vote condemning hate - ABC News

Ilhan Omar is on the wrong side of history: Rep. Watkins | Fox Business Video

Jeanine Pirro's Show Removed From Fox News Schedule After Controversial Ilhan Omar Remarks

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.)

Ilhan Omar on the Wage Gap | C-SPAN.org

Democrats Divided on Ilhan Omar Response: 'I Don't Know How Many Times We Need to Say We're Against' Anti-Semitism. March 7, 2019

Twitter split in half over Omar again, after Trump posts clip of her 'downplaying' 9/11 — RT USA News

CNN Defends Omar for Downplaying 9/11 Against Trump Comments 'Putting Her in Danger'

Ilhan Omar has come under fire for criticizing the influence of of pro-Israel lobbying

Ilhan Omar, AIPAC, and the 2020 Democratic Presidential Contenders

June 7, 2019. Ilhan Omar NY Yankees

Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris defend Ilhan Omar amid controversy over Israel comments

Rachelle Hole - 2019 Researcher of the Year Health

Congresswomen Rashida Tlaib of Michigan (L) and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota

Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar Laughs Off Meghan McCain's Anti-Semitism Criticism: 'Oh, Bless Her Heart!' - Long Room

Image. Representative Ilhan Omar ...

'OMAR MUST GO': Hundreds Of Jews Gather To Protest Ilhan Omar In NYC

Angela Davis with Congresswomen Ilhan Omar, Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlaib, on Tuesday, when a coalition of African-American women and their supporters, ...

... (front left) Wears Dress, Givenchy; Amina (front right) Wears Top, Jumpsuit, Dior Couture. Photographed by Txema Yeste for Vogue Arabia April 2019.

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The Minnesota congresswoman, along with the likes of Tlaib and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, represents the unapologetic new guard of progressivism, ...

Omar: White supremacist attacks are rising because Trump publicly says 'Islam hates us' | TheHill



WATCH Ilhan Omar grill US Venezuela envoy on war crimes of previous US-backed coups

Kamala Harris: Antisemitism Resolution Could Put Ilhan Omar 'at Risk'

Tlaib during her campaign. (Wikimedia)

Director Norah Shapiro. (Courtesy)

... groups rally outside the Hilton hotel Saturday late afternoon March 23, 2019. The protesters don't support Freshman congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar as she ...

Taube: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her basket of 'detestables'

Hundreds Protest Ilhan Omar Speech to CAIR-Los Angeles | Breitbart

Six GOP House Members Who Need to Resign for Anti-Semitism Before Ilhan Omar

Ungrateful Congresswoman and Somali Refugee Ilhan Omar Slams Living in America: 'It's an Everyday

How The Establishment Smear Corbyn, Gabbard, Omar, Assange, And Other Dissenters