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12 Child Actors From Harry Potter Whose Lives Have Changed Since

12 Child Actors From Harry Potter Whose Lives Have Changed Since


12 Child Actors From Harry Potter Whose Lives Have Changed Since Filming | Amazing | Fun facts, Child actors, Harry potter

12 Child Actors From Harry Potter Whose Lives Have Changed Since Filming

12 Child Actors From Harry Potter Whose Lives Have Changed Since Filming

Harry Melling

School reunion: Ranking where the graduates of Hogwarts have ended up in the years since

Tom Felton in Harry Potter and Tom Felton in 2016

From left: Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson in 2001's 'Harry Potter

10 child actors from Harry Potter whose lives have changed since filming

Harry Potter Wiki

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Evanna Lynch

10 scandals you need to read about the cast of Harry Potter. '

Harry Potter / Warner Bros. © East News


Freddie Stroma in Harry Potter and Freddie Stroma in Time After Time

Getty Images via Getty Images

All change: The new cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Melling as Dudley Dursley. image

Harry Potter Actors Who Passed Away

Meet the new Harry Potter as 'The Cursed Child' cast changes

Josh Herdman, who played thug Gregory Goyle in Harry Potter

Evanna Lynch: How Harry Potter and Dancing with the Stars actress has transformed

Facioli may only have appeared on nine episodes of Game of Thrones as Robin Arryn,

David M. BenettGetty Images. Tom Felton has enjoyed a successful career after Harry Potter ...

evanna lynch jk rowling

Evanna Lynch

How Freddie Highmore Went From Child Actor to Star of 'The Good Doctor'

celebrities harry potter hogwarts houses

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Hugh Mitchell: Who might overlook Collin Creevey, the keen younger photographer that was petrified after glimpsing the dreaded basilisk via the lens of his ...

British actress Emma Watson is shown Nov. 12 following an interview with the Associated Press

20 facts devoted Harry Potter fans should know

'Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them'

10 Harry Potter Actors Who Were Replaced In The Sequels

Miranda Richardson. Miranda Richardson made her first Harry Potter appearance in ...


12 Child Actors From Harry Potter Whose Lives Have Changed Since Filming - Stats. '

Lisa Riley weight loss: How she lost 12 stone

Matthew Murphy. Cursed Child's cast ...

Luke Youngblood in Harry Potter and Luke Youngblood in Community

Celebrity deaths in 2016: Phife Dawg, Arnold Palmer, Garry Shandling, Chyna,

8 Questions We Have After Reading Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Ron, Hermione and Rose Granger-Weasley

Grint outside at the 2007 premiere of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Flash Season 3 Tom Felton Cast

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Jamie Waylett's Vincent Crabbe appeared in the first half of the franchise, and life post

Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter). Radcliffe may forever be the Boy Who Lived in ...

"Game of Thrones" actor Jason Momoa is the stepfather of Zoë Kravitz.

Yara Shahidi is only 18 and is destined for greatness.

Daniel Radcliffe: People Will Boo You, Even if You're a Child

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Harry Potter's biggest fans say the series is ruined for them thanks to JK Rowling's troubling politics

Why Hollywood Won't Cast This Harry Potter Actor Anymore

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child review

The title of the next Fantastic Beasts film teases an important part of Harry Potter lore

Abigail Breslin

Beauty and the big bucks: Emma Watson earned $14 million in our 12 month scoring

Fantastic Beasts The Crimes of Grindelwald movie review: Jude Law, Eddie Redmayne and Johnny Depp star in a revisionist Harry Potter tale.


Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Confirm Their Relationship in Matching 'Harry Potter' Outfits

Daniel Radcliffe in Prisoner of Azkaban was about as close as the movies got to an accurate portrayal of book Harry, but let's be honest: We're all still ...

'The Crimes of Grindelwald' has deep-cut references that will delight some fans

harry potter hermione nagini credence

James Potter

120 Women Who Changed Our World

The Black family tree

The Olsen twins, 12, in their short lived

150 Things You Didn't Know About the Harry Potter Movies

Daniel Radcliffe bares his...thoughts. As his new Harry Potter ...

Image caption Jamie Waylett, who played Vincent Crabbe, was described as having become a "withered actor by 22"

Emma Watson as Hermonie Granger

Since portraying sharp witch Hermione in the "Harry Potter" series, Emma Watson has

Inside the Opening Night of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child on Broadway

Robbie Coltrane

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